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M For Morality

By Rahul, published on Jul 13, 2013

What is been commonly projected as morality are mostly selfish beliefs by an individual or a cult to keep masses obedient. The cult can hide in many masks that of religion, god, nation, race or colour. If any of the former is referred as the key towards morality then it is clearly the worst disgrace humanity can ever have, because it is visible in plain sight how many animal species take care of their elderly and young ones, how they help and protect each other for survival. The same animals that are considered inferior to humans are capable of all these things and still some keep on insisting... (more)

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Feeling Good

By Rahul, published on Jun 16, 2013

Past events reel before me, often placing a smile on my face. Time and again some memories surface from the cranial depths and become the part of my present, creating an even more wonderful and cherishing new memory. Living life to me is like seeing a good movie in an old cine theater, laughing, crying and letting all my emotions fly into the hall's quarter darkness, unintentionally memorizing the best scenes and dialogues and now and then looking back at the projector room with curiosity, wondering "How the hell does that thing works". It feels good when I can see life through this window... (more)

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Child's Play

By melanie jean juneau, published on Apr 5, 2013

... correct manner to receive praise or an award like a pay raise, they still are motivated simply by external forces. However when a person acts in love because they are remaining true to their core values, then they have reached the truest form of ethical action. So how do we tap into this core of goodness within us ?

Some religious people would maintain that only an active Christian can act lovingly. Yet even Sacred Scriptures disagrees with this narrow view. St. Paul explains that God will judge everyone on how much truth God has revealed to them. If a tribe, hidden in the... (more)

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The Horror of Happiness

By Dan Bonser, published on Oct 26, 2012

I’ve woken from a dream To arrive in another dream A dream of passion A dream of a moon beam It shines down upon me As I lay in my bed Cuddled with the woman Who dances in my head She haunts my Every waking hour Yet is in every dream Event he most dour I cannot escape This love I’ve found There is no hope I am eternally bound To love this woman With all my heart I knew she was the one Right from the start Eternally happy I shall ever be A curse that has settled On every inch of me In my dream I’m chased from room to room By the impending sound Of my forthcoming doom It seems I just... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 12, 2012


transposed energy

brought to transference

as exigency

soothing the jagged sensibility ***

Caressed, stroked, fondled

cherished, felt, blessed...

then put down again

to draw upon

when the soul cries for them***

Remembered embers of yesterday's delights..

enraptured surrenders of

the souls "home"

Unforgotten shadows

congruent but not released ***

Learning from them

I place them gently

in my soul's attic

to draw strength when

drowning... (more)

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Unreasonably Unreasonable

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 19, 2012

... the individual. Appeals to authority are easy. Following circular reasoning is fun, but sooner or later, we will become to dizzy to see straight.

What then, are we to do? I don’t have a solve-all answer to that question. I merely want the reader to think. Perhaps cultural diversity is a good thing. Accepting that others may believe something different and learning to treat others as you would like to be treated. I don’t want to digress into a mushy, completely idealistic utopian outlook, but I would like to think that individuals can learn to change. Lay aside your prejudice, take ... (more)

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By l0oree, published on Oct 23, 2011

... my own path

And stare at my face in the mirror more than others.

Try the most part to mold my self

Into my,"own", role model.

To be who I most want to be like.

Find myself that I love so

Then, I can see clearly some love in everybody.

Next, I find the good of others.

I choose to reflect the good in others.

And continue til I am a giant reflection of goodness

Starting with myself

Then looking to others and mirror the good.

Now able to reflect back even more love and happiness a continuous cycle of love.


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Hardly Love At All

By LVera, published on Oct 14, 2011

It's quite strange how we met. The patter of electronic signals passing through the lines. The sound of the computer fans buzzing by my ear. The moaning of the woman I was currently having sex with. Across from us was her husband who was having sex with a much younger girl. She was closer to my age then the couple was.

We stood outside the doorway to the apartment building fully dressed. "Got a ride?" I asked her. She seemed too innocent to be meeting strangers on the Internet and having sex with them. She just nodded her head no. "Neither do I," I said and she smiled. She was quiet... (more)

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