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Scotland: A Rich Golfing Heritage

By Liam Williams, published on Jan 14, 2014

Golf began in Scotland, and dates back to the 15th century. With such a rich heritage and so many time-honored courses, it’s safe to say that Scotland is home to some of the world’s best golfing destinations. Golf is viewed as the national sport and a cultural icon here. The sport is ingrained in the consciousness of a people who affectionately call their nation, “The Home of Golf”. Courses here are suitable for anybody, from the elite to the working class.

With over 500 courses, you have all sorts of choices. Even the common man can play at the great courses here if he just books a... (more)

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Memo to critics of Augusta National: mind your own business

By bazzabear, published on Apr 18, 2012

The over blown row about the all-male Augusta National Golf Club generated almost as much editorial mileage here in the UK as the Masters' Championship staged there. Candidly, it gave me a pain where I should have pleasure: political correctness always has that effect on me. I tend to switch off when such misguided campaigners use major events to ride a fashionable hobby horse but in this instance, because golf is involved, a response is appropriate.

Doubtless I'll be contravening some newly-designated law or other and will probably find myself prosecuted or ostracised but, having... (more)

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Wendy’s 3 Tour Challenge PGA Team Announced

By Amanda J Evans, published on Sep 16, 2010

The 2010 Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge will be held on the 9th of November in the Rio Secco Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada. This is the only professional golf tournament that actually pits three players from the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours against each other. This tournament has a purse of $1 million up for grabs and the event’s primary beneficiary is the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

The Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge has been going strong for 18 years now and they have raised more than $30 million for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. This foundation was created back in 1992... (more)

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The Best Golf Resort in the World

By ddmw, published on May 13, 2010

Whether you pick up your first club at the age of four (as I did) or 64 (as a family friend did recently), golf is like a drug: once you've had a taste, you crave more. The problem for golfers everywhere is how to get their fix whilst on vacation with non-golfing family members. The answer? A golf resort.

Golf Channel Solutions estimates that there are currently 26.2 million golfers just in the United States, and there are thought to be in the region of 100 million golfers world-wide. Golfers, if they were to unite together around the world as a special interest group, could wield some... (more)

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The Presidio Golf Course Has Love Fore the Environment

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 20, 2010

The Presidio golf course is one of the Presidio’s greatest attractions, with amazing panoramic views and a rich history. But, now the world is honoring the course for being a leader in environmentally sensitive golf course management. By capturing the highly-regarded Turfgrass Excellence Award in the public category of the Golf Superintendents Association of Northern California, course superintendent Brian Nettz can say with confidence that the greens at the Presidio course are truly greener.

The Presidio was built in 1895, making it the second oldest in Northern California. But by using... (more)

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Wilmington NC To Be The Next Hollywood?

By SanityCheck2, published on Nov 30, 2009

...right here on earth.

In short, Wilmington is a typical southern town that tolerates outsiders only as a necessary evil whose sole purpose is injecting capital into the local economy. It would be a mistake to think an outsider could actually live in, and raise a family in Wilmington. Your kid will never make the sports team, never make the cheerleading squad and never get into National Honor Society. You will never be asked to join the local country club so buy a house on a golf course. You want to sit up front in church on Sunday, give more money. Yep, it’s that kind of place.


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What's Tiger's Tale?

By FriedEggs, published on Nov 28, 2009

As the world knows by now Tiger Woods crashed his Cadillac suv into a fire hydrant and a neighbor's tree while backing out of his drive way at 2:00am on Thanksgiving evening.

Which one the following do you think he was up to?

A. Getting a jump start on Black Friday shopping sales?

B. Running from his five iron wielding wife?

C. Going to get milk for the baby?

D. Dropping off the baby sitter?

E. Going to interview a new baby sitter?

F. None or all of the above?

Something doesn't make sense when you are driving an SUV, going less than 30... (more)

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Pity You Didn't Read The Small Print

By Edward, published on Sep 21, 2009

...where you feel most comfortable.”In Heaven, the Mortgage Loan Officer really liked the streets paved with gold and the big mansions, but she found all the harp music to be a bit irksome.When the Mortgage Loan Officer toured Hell, she saw that everyone had their choice of playing tennis or golf, chilling by the pool smoking and drinking, or playing cards and dancing in the clubhouse. She said to St. Peter “This is a hard choice! Can I sleep on it?”When they asked the Mortgage Loan Officer the next month, she begged, “Oh please send me to Hell!” When they opened up the doors of... (more)

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Jobs Available: The Aliens Are Leaving

By baynurse, published on Jul 27, 2009

...who want ice cream.

Love the smell of fresh cut grass? Well gas up the Toro, it's grass cutting time, you love your huge lawns, now care for them yourself, ah the joys of weeding, loading up the green recycle bin with all that grass, and pruning of trees, plants and flowers, forget golf and tennis on TV, you got lawn.

Got kids? well, since you lost your job, you can now spend time with them, taking them on walks and reading them stories, cooking them healthy meals they will actually eat, and cleaning up after their messes. Maybe you can sneak in a nap while they nap, ... (more)

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The Hour I'll Never Get Back

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 12, 2009 make it on their own. This information, of course, is courtesy of the myriad gossip magazines that adorn the endcaps and checkout stands of every Wal-Mart I shop.

But last night, for some reason -- perhaps the lack of anything worth watching being on (remember, I'll sit and watch golf for cryin' out loud, so you know I had to be bored!) -- I actually suffered my way through the "episode" of The Hills that happened to be on. Actually I was waiting until 2:00 this morning when KTLA shows reruns of Star Trek which have been digitally remastered and make the U.S.S. Enterprise... (more)

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