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How To Write a Movie in 21 Minutes

By Batman, published on Dec 29, 2007

With all the do it yourself in a weekend type festivals cropping up, it's no longer practical to take your time to write a short film. When getting ready for something like The 168 Film Festival, time is of the essence. So, with apologies to Viki King, I've set out to enumerate the steps to take to write your movie quickly.

For the 168, you're provided with a theme. You get this long before your actual clock starts. Without doing any actual writing, you can be thinking on how the theme will relate to the verse you get when pre-production week starts. You can also round up your various... (more)

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Ch. 8. Radical Priest on How to Live to Live Another Day

By Radical Priest, published on Jul 5, 2007

...about mankind to produce an elaborate compilation of rules for humanity. Given that for the most part, these "rules" were the only guidelines that civilization had for a long long time, it comes as no surprise that they came to the fore and established themselves as irrefutable "Words of God".

The Hindu's thankfully, were gracious and unthreatened when Buddha came out with his views, and the Buddhist's along with the Hindu's were gracious and accommodating when Zoroasters presented their augmented reviews of material they had each already covered. Likewise were these three... (more)

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Radical Priest Says The Answer to 9/11 is NOT Illegal War

By Radical Priest, published on Jun 16, 2007

...the earth. Nor have I heard a Buddhist claiming that all who believe in Hinduism must die. So where do the Righteous Right Wing Catholic militants get their inspiration? Shall we start with the Crusades ? Militant Christian soldiers donned their weapons and vanquished millions in the name of God?! Then the Christian missionaries took it upon themselves to spread "the word", based upon a misinterpretation of the Bible, and the misguided premise espoused by the Crusades, which had to some degree have been fortified by the Inquisition. The precept that the Bible espouses is a righteous ... (more)

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Radical Priest to Bush :-

By Radical Priest, published on Jun 11, 2007 these premises but for the most part they accompany the human condition as a source of guidance strength, reassurance and understanding of our place as living entities on a living planet, surrounded by a whole lot of distance, and as some believe, possibly other distant life forms. GOD has been with us as an overseer in many many forms but when it's all said and done, the idea of GOD, lives within us; in the privacy of our fear, confusion, insecurity and essence du vivre. In his earliest interpretations, mankind has placed Godlike attributes onto rocks and trees and... (more)

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