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Unconditional Love

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012


True love is without conditions, it endures, forgives, loves you just for who you are. Only a man or woman who understands and give true love can receive and know true love. True love is from God, hence the reason you will know true love when you see or meet it.

t is one thing to read about unconditional love and another to show it. When God talked about what love is, I thought I understood and had that type of love but I didn’t until God thought it to me through meeting other people and truly loving them for who they are and not as I would like them to be.

Now... (more)

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Oh! My God

By Uttam Gill, published on Oct 16, 2012

Today I saw a movie by name OH MY GOD and certainly, that moved me a lot. We all, so casually sign contracts to agree upon the contractual obligations, that on account of losses due to Act of God, the insurance cover is not available. Conveniently the God is inserted in the legal documents and THE GODS ACT CANNOT BE CHALLENGED IN ANY COURT OF LAW…However, in this movie a petitioner who incurs huge losses on account of, request court to summon messengers/custodians of God into the court for compensation. He pleads that since it is an ACT OF GOD, the God must compensate him and that’s how he... (more)

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Sharing the good through Goodhism.

By SteveCrowhurst, published on Sep 9, 2012

...the native tongue you can have a good ole chat by nodding, waving hands, pointing and laughing. Memories of me in the back of a cab in Cairo and the answer to every question I asked was... you got it, "Yes." The taxi ride I always remember is this one when the taxi driver asked me about God.

Enroute to Toronto airport the cab driver turned to me and asked if I would like to talk, and of course I said yes. He wanted to chat about religion and asked did I believe in God. I thought, by his turban, that he was Sikh. My reply was, “Which one?” and that set the tone for... (more)

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A President's Religion

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 12, 2012 define his performance in office, I say overwhelmingly and absolutely, “yes it does.”

Inevitably, every President and Presidential candidate is highly questioned about his spiritual beliefs, and rightly so. For myself, I really wouldn’t want a President who didn’t believe in God, the afterlife, a Supreme Being who controls the universe and holds us all accountable for our actions. The President is literally the leader of the free world, arguably the most powerful man on the planet with all sorts of powers and authority, but he must realize it’s all being watched over... (more)

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The Line Between Almost and Always

By Thom Hunter, published on Apr 7, 2012 of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-21

While I don’t comprehend fully why some things happen, and some don’t, I do believe God is always with me, even in those moments when the grey claims the day, and the bleak overwhelms the week, just as much as on the days where all is good and calm and promising. I do have to be reminded sometimes by the passing of history – looking back at things that seemed impossible or... (more)

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Thou shalt not - Yes you should!

By D. Sager, published on Mar 2, 2012

Thou shalt not. That's what I heard when I went to church. Being a young man and given to many troubles, I struggled with my love for God while bearing the guilt of “thou shalt not”. Looking at the exactness of the laws imposed on me by religion, I saw a certain, weakness, in their application.

Thou shalt not Lie. Really? I will lie till my tongue twists in my head to save you from harm. A man breaks into your house, your wife and kids hide, he asks you, “Where are they?”. OK religious man, you who impose on me your guilt ridden laws, speak up! Tell that man where your family is so he... (more)

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The snow and I

By Cielo, published on Mar 1, 2012

...sorts of intermittent words; like a code that one most decipher, and it pulls you to it, and to the white bitterness outside.

We’re one—the snow and I. Both predestine to transpire and expire; attach to the core of earth and heaven; life and death. Dancing in the hands of the Spirit who scatters the snows and which mouth blows the winds; inexplicably made to his fancy—both the snow and I; from elements unknown in the mind of a baffling God.

To Him returns the seen and the unseen; the natural world and the unnatural... to Him returns the snows as does the soul of man.


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Those Thoughts Again

By D. Sager, published on Feb 20, 2012

... to stand up, to continue forward; all I have to resist the feeling of apathy, of not caring anymore about anything. If I don't feel, I won't have to bear the shame. But it keeps coming, never-ending, in fact, it grows. Negative thoughts breed and feed off each other. Where will I hide?

God, my creator, is a hiding place for me. He can restore me, heal me, and remove my shame. My heavenly Dad, can give me the strength to hold my head high once again, without the support of drugs, alcohol, music, gangs, belongings, or anything I have unsuccessfully leaned on. I need to know that ... (more)

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In the wings of hope

By Cielo, published on Feb 8, 2012


Suspended about all things

Turning spinning whirling

In wings of angels in clouds so white imagination ignite

The breadth of view; words beyond describe,

Glimmering stars in hair strung

Moon dust in eyelashes glimmer

Ghost moon

Shimmering imp

In reverie warp, to find liberation from limits

Rising above blunder

From the River of Existential Despair

(Hanging from my fingernails)

Tackling Pluto,

Striding the edge of Ceres

From Despair to Hope

In distant galaxies... (more)

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The Counterfeit Compassion of Culture

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 31, 2012

“Where is God? ...Go to Him when your need is desperate, when all other help is vain, and what do you find? A door slammed in your face, and a sound of bolting and double-bolting on the inside. After that, silence.”– C.S. Lewis, after the death of his wife.

God is omni-present; but it seems every now and then He is omni-absent. The sign on the door says "Gone Fishing," the lights are out, the doorbell dings in an empty room, the No Vacancy sign is on . . . drive on down the road . . . alone. Yes, I know that is not true; He never leaves me; He never leaves you. He’s right there.

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