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Victory - Play by Play

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 25, 2011

The smell of fresh cut grass in the humid late August heat did little to cover the stench of teenage males battling each other over inches in a game that none but the combatants cared about. Lucky for me I’m allergic to fresh cut grass so my bloody nose, cut that stench with a metallic sweetness. A sweetness that always awakened a part of my soul that was only legal to unleash between the sidelines on game day. They broke their huddle.Sauntering up to my line of scrimmage they settled in to their formation. Squatting down, I ease in to my three point stance, left foot slightly farther back.... (more)

Tags: football, victory, high school, glory, defining moment, defense, offense


By Caballero_69, published on Jun 25, 2011

Some live in devastation gripped by insatiable need.

Some live in consecration to an ennobling creed.

Some clamor and grapple for an ever-increasing share.

Some calmly and contentedly take whatever proportion seems fair.

Some persist in a fevered quest for glory and find enduring shame.

Some persevere in the search for truth and win immortal fame.

Some live with cowardly equivocation and die a thousand deaths.

Some live with courageous integrity even to the point of dying.

Some only improve the world once they are finally... (more)

Tags: learning, legacy, truth, courage, commitment, integrity, reputation, glory, fame, keeping faith, candor

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