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By Barbara Kowal, published on Oct 28, 2006’s anxiety ridden, high-tech, electronic world where more and more it seems we are heading full speed ahead toward a nuclear holocaust. Everywhere one turns, it seems that the material energy is getting more intense. There is War, terrorism, diseases, floods, high gas prices, global warming and famine. Yet for most of us, we go about our daily business while death patiently awaits us. Will it be today or tomorrow? No one knows. But as the old adage goes, “There is nothing so certain as death and taxes.” This is madness. A new kind of madness that has permeated the ... (more)

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An Inconvenient Truth with A Big Price Tag

By Deleted User, published on Jul 17, 2006

...A harrowing visual of the Earth pulled downward in a tug of war with traffic grips me. I feel claustrophobic, unnerved, and like I need a cold splash of water. After seeing “An Inconvenient Truth” – the Al Gore narrated documentary about the abject effects of global warming on our environment – things don’t quite look the same to me anymore. I’m unstable, I’m a little bit scared, and a feeling of guilt dogs me. Still, I know that being a little shook up about a subject as expansive as this one is a small price to pay for being... (more)

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