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The Broo Sprawling in the U.S. (and Global Warming)

By Ariel, published on May 13, 2007

Dear beloved readers, The Broo has started its sprawl in the U.S. Your favorite citizen newspaper is now present in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and freshly in Atlanta, Houston, and Miami. As a member of the BrooWaha community, you are invited to comment, vote, and message users in any of these BrooWaha editions. You may however only publish articles in the edition you are registered in. You are highly encouraged to seek out your friends in these communities and make them join BrooWaha, as well as make new friends via the friend function! I'd like to take this opportunity to... (more)

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Set Paris Free!

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 12, 2007

...for Cups ‘O Soup and candy bars! Not to mention the other problems that Paris will encounter in the slammer. How is she going to shop? Who’s going to take car of her Chihuahua? Who will be mean to Lindsay Lohan and hang out with Britney Spears? Sure, Iraq is a big deal. Global warming is a concern. But, how can you even compare that to something as important as this? I am proud to be part of a grass-roots campaign to keep poor persecuted Paris out of jail. In a message that went up Monday on her MySpace page and reported in the New York Post, the hotel heiress writes... (more)

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When Denile's Oil Drys Up, Switch to BioDiesel

By Charles Harmison, published on Apr 20, 2007

...owners. However, with such eminent conservatives and former environmental hedonists as Governor Schwarzenegger apparently joining the ranks of the Green, and with all the new evidence whether scientific or flat out right in front of our face, is it finally possible for those doubters of global warming to actually concede the debate and begin to lend a hand to prevent a growing environmental catastrophe? The fact is cleaning up after ourselves and removing human pollution should not intrinsically hold a political bias. Who wants to go into a wilderness where beer cans and fast food... (more)

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Young People Today -- An Old Fogie's Take

By Charla Howard, published on Mar 19, 2007

...check. Today, they feel what it means to be the children of the world’s only superpower. Their “leaders” borrow trillions against the future to wage inexplicable and seemingly endless wars on drugs and terrorism and gay marriage. Their “leaders” discount global warming as myth, on the one hand, and designate “intelligent design” as science on the other. Just as devastating as Katrina and Rita, all manner of psycho-spiritual shit is hitting the fan in America, and we all, especially young people, are feeling it. That axiom from the... (more)

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Oscar's Attempt at Green Looked Black

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 27, 2007

...was right when he said, “It’s not that easy being green.” Sunday Night’s Oscarâ„¢ awards ceremony was lauded by Leonardo DiCaprio as the first ever “Green Oscars™”. Supposedly Hollywood is really into this whole do everything it can to stop global warming. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences even gave the Best Documentary Award to An Inconvenient Truth and Best Original Song to Melissa Etheridge’s I Need to Wake Up. Perhaps the title of that song is advice that some of Hollywood needs to take itself lest they be labeled... (more)

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What the Hell is AMPAS Smoking?

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 26, 2007

... movie, but the resulting article would actually be larger than this month’s issue of Vanity Fair! So for the sake of brevity, this article will be kept as succinct as possible. There is not one shred of evidence in An Inconvenient Truth that proves conclusively the so-called “global warming” theory. The fact that Al Gore stood up and declared the debate “over” is as laughable as the notion that 9/11 was an inside job. The movie was written from the stand-point of one individual and is biased toward that one individual’s seriously misguided delusions... (more)

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Forget the planet, save the people

By Tina Dupuy, published on Feb 13, 2007

I don’t care about global warming. There. I said it. I don’t care. I don’t want to hear anything more about it. I’m done. And no, I’m not going to quote experts that say that global warming isn’t happening or that it’s not the fault of humans. Actually, I am not going to quote any experts at all. The argument has been framed wrong. There are scientists and documentaries on one side and scientists and documentaries on the other side. Global warming and climate change has turned into the “he said, she said” issue of the new millennium. It’s like a trial with no witnesses and... (more)

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The Last King of England?

By V, published on Feb 11, 2007 interests on six continents, including airlines, express trains, and limousine services, he is the self-made, success story of American Dream proportions. So when Sir Richard Branson announced last October, plans to invest US$3 billion of Virgin's profits over 10 years to fight global warming, it should have come as no surprise to anyone. In an interview with CNN Money, he said, “I used to be skeptical of global warming, but now I'm absolutely convinced that the world is spiraling out of control. CO2 is like a bushfire that gets bigger and bigger every year.” He says ... (more)

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President Clinton and Global Warming

By Limoge, published on Feb 6, 2007

Last week a report on the "likelihood" that humans are to blame for global warming was released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In their report it was found that humans are "likely" and "very likelyt" to be responsible for the Earth's increasingly warm temperatures. The authors defined the word "likely" as between 66 percent to 90 percent probable and the words "very likely" as 90 to 99 percent probable. Now after reading about all this verbal nitpicking, I was somehow reminded of the not too distant past when President Clinton was grilled on whether he had sexual... (more)

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Reality: Where Sex Meets Law

By J. La Mont, published on Jan 31, 2007 in session. How can people respect the law when the law doesn't respect the people? I'm not advocating for or against anything but shouldn't there be a national discourse? How many important issues are deemed too important to talk about: sex, religion, drugs, morality... with Global Warming it may not even be safe to talk about the weather anymore.

It's natural to want to stick to the clear cut talking points. I'm for curing cancer and a balance budget but those areas of gray aren't going away. Neither are the laws or the sex.


Can America's... (more)

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