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Books, Children and the Art of Giving

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 12, 2014

In order for a disadvantaged child to become educated, skilled, resourceful and ready to tackle the world with competitive spirit, the books and developed love of reading they have available to them oftentimes arrive through the love of selfless hearts. And right now, there are literally hundreds of book drives and charities which, through the use of volunteers and determined will, deliver free books and other reading materials to low-income children who otherwise wouldn’t enjoy the world of literature.

For children to become strong readers, they need books in their hands that... (more)

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Valentine's Day Love

By Randy Mitchell, published on Feb 13, 2013

Its Valentine's Day week, that wonderful time of year when significant others spend a little time expressing, and sharing their common attraction. For many, it’s a time of reflection, a day of sharing that certain chemistry bringing souls together, a period of needed sexual bliss, an occasion where hearts communicate a little bit deeper, and even moments when personalities come together for the very first time.

In the fifty years I’ve been alive, I’ve experienced, desired, wanted, expressed, shared, rejected, and written about love. I’ve wanted to be loved by the wrong people, later... (more)

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Things Are Temporary

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 3, 2013

...New Year has come and gone?

Material possessions can be great to have. They give us temporary fixes to our everyday emotional and physical needs and desires. They can make us feel on top of the world, powerful, important, confident, secure, and valuable. They have the unique ability of giving us that certain high like nothing else. But having that luxury yacht or home by the sea can provide those “high” feelings for only so long until we find ourselves looking for that next fix of bought adrenaline.

Years ago, I dated a lovely lady for a few months who was extremely... (more)

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Is There a Why?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 16, 2012

...desperately holding onTo a sliver of aspiration...Your unpretentious smileBirthed a moment of graceBestowed a gift so pureCosting you nothingSaving unconsciously a soul...

I want to abide in this worldA world devoid of selfishUnperceptive apathyEyes that are openPerceiving life as giving...Take me away from recklessnessNever to amble on that pathWhen I am goneFrom this short momentIn time and space...Let me have had theCourage and fortitudeTo live with integrityRather than the narrowConfines of avariciousCoveting of paraphernalia ...A miniscule offeringInvaluable redemptionHope ... (more)

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Generosity Is Sexy

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 6, 2012

...I’ll hopefully be finishing in the next few months), but here’s the thing, I think I’d get more satisfaction out of helping others with the money than I would spending it on myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d be browsing a few catalogs right about now if things had gone my way, but giving others gifts, true gifts to those in really desperate need would be like winning an entirely separate lottery to me personally. It’d make it as though creating a real difference with the money would cause it to taste that much sweeter, be of a higher amount, and give it greater significance... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 26, 2012

SEEING WITH MY HEART I saw you todayAnd the sorrowI tried not to seeWas etched deeplyWithin your soulI saw you and wantedSo badly to rock youin my arms and bringA mother's comfortBack to you.Take you to a placeOf innocence and comfortLost when we lostThe naivety of aSuckling baby uponA mother's breast.I saw you lookWith salted eyes intoYour own heartAnd cryTears that would not CeaseI saw you needingThe hope that youHad left in her armsLong agoEtched in sorrowI saw you bowYour head in prayerSearching for theStrength to beginAnew with courageI saw you and thoughYou did not seeI too bowed my headPraying... (more)

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A Christmas Chicken Blessing

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 17, 2011

...flashing lights, and political bickering over religious beliefs, an unexpected surprise and gift from an anonymous source splashes some holiday spirit along your way.

Isn’t it sad that the only place anyone ever dares talk about religious viewpoints, or demonstrates true acts of giving these days is where they’re expected (church, charitable organization)? And usually then, they only appear at certain scheduled times of the year or days of the week. So, when someone surprises you with an unanticipated act of kindness or gift, somehow, it just seems totally out of our realm... (more)

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Keeping The Right Perspective

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 28, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the holidays in general give us all an opportunity each year to reflect on the people, circumstances, and things we have to be thankful for. The energy in the air during December always seems to be (at least for me) very positive and uplifting; a little cleaner and crisp, and filled with that certain charisma and charm making us more lighthearted and hopeful. Perhaps, it’s because I’m a believer, and feel that the days leading to the celebration of Christ’s birth gives me renewed hope that I’ll live again after my moments on earth are finally over. But more than... (more)

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