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Yes, My Child Be Safe

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 3, 2014

I can feel, someone is out there…It is dark and nothing is visible and I struggle my way through the chaotic conditions. There is no noise but I felt instinctively, the sob…is this an illusion…No it is not. I knew about the existence of life beyond the invisible… I hurries my pace and calls loudly;”Is anybody out here” The silence redeems back my voice to me. In the redemption of my probe the articulating instinct refuses to yield. Unyieldingly, I traverse more vigorously into the dark and calls again; “Hello! I know you are here…come on don’t worry; it’s me…I know you are there, you are scared,... (more)

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Mother, I want to live

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 20, 2012

'Mother, I want to live'… This is what the girl, who was brutally raped and wrote on a piece of paper.

The brutal gang rape of 23 year old girl in a moving bus and that too on busy road, in New Delhi has shocked the nation. Something is terribly wrong with my country. Every day we have been hearing news of crime against women and this horrific incident has once again made me believe that this country is heading towards anarchy.

Why that our women are unsafe? Do we need to have such horrific incident to awaken us from the slumber? Do we have to believe, the shady assurances of... (more)

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The Sundown Laws of the 1930's

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 4, 2012

It’s Glendale, California, early 1930's. Black people know they have to be outside the city limits before dark.

Mama, a civil rights activist before the title had hardly been invented, tells me about the injustice of the so-called “sundown laws.”

Mama tells me about the hardships the sundown laws cause for hardworking people, like the Black maids who work in the big houses in the Rossmoyne district up near the country club. “If they’re not out of town before sundown, they’re harassed by the police, and sometimes they’re picked up and dropped at the city limits. Some of them even... (more)

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Haunted Ends

By Elisa Ashley, published on Jul 21, 2011

The night is quiet and not so still. The wind is rustling the dying leaves on the withering trees. The grass whistles as it bends and the air streams through the blades. Dust at the side of the street is picked up and whisked away with the fallen leaves and blown in a vortex around the front lawn of the old white house. She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath as she lies on the cold grass beside the street. Her arms are outstretched to allow more air to enter her lungs. Her hair blows in the gusts of wind now gathering strength and falls across her pale face. Her wet dark eyes open and... (more)

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Trouser Mouse

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 16, 2011

I awoke to a flight attendant nudging at me, “Sir, we’ve landed in Miami. You can depart the plane now. Follow the other passengers over to baggage claim. Thank you for flying United,” she said with a smile. I grabbed my shoulder bag from the overhead storage and exited the plane. I still felt it around my right thigh. It wasn’t an annoying feeling. In fact, it kind of tickled. It was also a little itchy. No worries though. The beach babes await me.

I followed the queue towards our baggage claim area. As I walked down the corridor, I reflected upon the past 12 hours, trying to... (more)

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Not a Dog But a True Rescuer

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Mar 8, 2011 convey some meanings to Africans who never value domestic animals except in case they can be sold to get money or slaughtered for their skin, meat and bones.

This Kenyan dog was searching for food for her new born puppies when he discovered a hidden human baby in the forest. This baby girl was two weeks old but abandoned to the forest’s sake. It has been proved than the majority of babies who are born and abandoned are girls. So, the dog discovered the baby girl in a forest south of the capital Nairobi. This caring dog then took the infant in her muzzle.

The baby was... (more)

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In dire need of escape

By SZU, published on Sep 11, 2010

Arms folded

Sanity jolted

She sits there

With her mind molded

There is a breeze

Cold enough to freeze

She sits there

With her sensations seized

She feels no air

She only glares

She sits there

With future to flare

Her luck’s disguised

In a mesh of malice

And she sits there

With her puny plights

She will run away

It will happen one day

She sits there

And that’s all she pines to pray


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