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My Dinner With Helen Thomas

By BusinessLife, published on Oct 11, 2010

Say what you like about Helen Thomas but don't lose sight of what she gave women across the country and Americans as a whole, as far as representing us during every Presidential press conference. She never stopped asking the tough questions. Never. It was 1970, a time when men worked and the majority of women stayed at home. But you would have never known it following Helen Thomas. In fact, I'm pretty sure she didn't get that memo or wire, in those days. Following the death of my father, then Dean of the White House Press Corps, Merriman Smith, Helen Thomas stepped in as Dean of the White House... (more)

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New Business Steps

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 30, 2010

Once you have defined your new business parameters, it’s time to gather your leads. And of course, you want to catch as many as you can to store them in a user-friendly database.

Selecting The Right Database Software For Your Needs: There are many from which you can choose. Some are free. Some come with a monthly charge and there are software packages you can purchase outright. The point I want to make is – do your research thoroughly and make sure your database is able to meet all of your needs to categorize leads by region, industry as well as print out reports that showcase... (more)

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Someone's Been Investigating Me! Yikes!

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 30, 2010

So, I'm checking out BlogCatalog and visiting different blogs I find interesting. Then, lo and behold, it's me! That's right. The blog "Be Your Own Detective" is actually featuring me on its latest post! Must have been a slow day in the detective business. Actually, the point of the story was pretty neat. How often do you take the time to see how much information is available about you on the world wide web? You may think you know. Then again, you may be surprised! Check it out for yourself! Visit Investigating Other Bloggers - Check out some of the other posts and... (more)

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Words Unspoken

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 28, 2010

Her eyes spoke what her lips dared not say.

An aching girl's heartbeat was pounding away.

Reflections of many days gone by,

Renewed all their meaning in her water-filled eyes.

As she pondered her memories once shared with one love,

She couldn't help questioning the Lord up above

About his departure and why he had gone.

He had stolen her heart and fled with the dawn.

The feelings once vague now scraped at her soul.

She couldn't fill up the regions once whole.

She thought to herself, what words might come first

To a... (more)

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President Obama Speaks Out On U.S. Education

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 27, 2010

NBC's, Today Show Co-host, Matt Lauer sat down with President Barak Obama to talk about what may be the hottest topic being discussed across the country; education.

While per pupil funding has continued to go up in recent decades, student scores have continued to go down. Many point the finger at teachers who aren't doing what is necessary to help provide a quality education for every student.

Just two months ago, Washington, D.C., Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee fired 241 teachers under a new evaluation system that holds teachers accountable for student test scores. She also... (more)

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7.9 Million Jobs Lost. Many Forever.

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 24, 2010

You’re probably familiar with the saying, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it.’ Though various news sources tout the recession to be officially over, it's quite obvious how weak the job market remains. Reports from suggest full-time jobs may be a thing of the past while part-time and freelance positions may be the job market of the future. With this in mind, what we say at work and how we communicate what we say may mean more than ever when it comes to maintaining a paycheck.

For those with a job, remember the millions who are still unemployed and have been... (more)

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The Heart

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 23, 2010

Where is my heart today?

My heart is with you.

How can I find love today?

My love is with you.

Why can’t there be arms wanting to hold me close?

I love you so dearly, you have no idea.

Finding love through a man seems short-term and lackluster.

Love isn’t just physical. It’s emotional and enduring through the laughter and tears.

Where is there love today? Where shall I search?

I created you myself and will be here waiting for you to realize that My love is yours to receive in an endless supply.


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When Education Turns to Physical Injury On The Field

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 22, 2010

Not too long ago, my sons and I attended a parent/player meeting at my 13 year-old son’s school auditorium for the upcoming football season. Earlier that day, the coach had decided my 13 year-old would be helpful to the team by playing the tailback position for the season. I was very proud of him. I had looked up the term “tailback” on the Internet to know what a tailback’s responsibility was on the football team.

Anyway, we were listening to the coach share how the football program worked at my son’s middle school. The head coach went over what the expectations were for both... (more)

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Effective Communication Depends On The Best Education

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 22, 2010

Why is it there is nothing that is happening to help our public education system? Why is it that we are falling behind all other nations when the U.S. was looked at as the leader in so many industries and the place where dreams come true? Our country is changing...and changing for the worse, at least when it comes to education. Let me share an example of poor grammar and poor communication I personally faced during 'Open House' as my 13 year old returned to middle school this year.

If you wonder where communication goes wrong, when things change and alter the boys and girls who will... (more)

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Precious Moments

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 21, 2010

I begin the day as I have done for the past two and a half years. My son waits eagerly for breakfast. His cute noises start to get a bit fussy. He's such a bright boy and is so much like his father. Will He Come Home Today?

The doorbell rings and my heart flips and quickly settles as I hear the key turn and the door open. Tina, my reliable sitter is here to look after my son. I hear her make her way to the laundry room. She will be in the house all day if anyone should drop by looking for me. Will He Come Home Today?

I place my sweet, giggling baby boy into his playpen in the... (more)

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