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Star Buying For Beginners

By Abergele Jones, published on Mar 23, 2014 to spread their wings and get their hands on something a little out of the ordinary. With that, we present the star - that's right, one of those glistening objects we see in the sky every night.

This is something which is catching more and more attention and rather than the generic gift, it actually holds some meaning. Common occasions include the ones we mentioned above, as well as anything from Mother's Day, to anniversaries or even a remembrance gift. It sounds a bit of a fad at first, but when you delve into the details it's actually very impressive. There are now numerous... (more)

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Life Is A Gift

By Ely North, published on Jun 23, 2013

...nine months later you slipped out of your mother’s vagina and into the world. I bet those visual images brightened up your day, didn’t they?

To address your last concern: none of us asked to be born, but we were all lucky enough to be. That’s right, I said lucky. Life is a gift to be cherished, not a curse to be bemoaned. Do you know what you would be if you weren’t alive? You’d be NOTHING. You’d be bodiless, floating in a void, surrounded by infinite emptiness, black, silent, unmoving, unchanging, for all eternity. How boring would that be? I’d rather ... (more)

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Let The Lovers Be

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 11, 2013

Let me spread this blanket

Beneath this dream

Come lay beside me

A gentleness and smile

Blooms inside my wanting heart...

Love is the beloved

Water of life ,creating

Unending thirst's craving

A consuming hunger undeniable

The snow bringing me closer to your lips...

With the sweet glance of love

Like alchemy I am transformed

Searching for you in a thousand thoughts

An earnest prayer offered to the universe

Manifested inside the window of our hearts...

Let the lovers play with glee

Be... (more)

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The Birth Of Passion

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 26, 2012


Before we kissed


Tender chivalrous graciousness

Surrendering of our hearts Merging splendrous magnificence


Giving soul the touch

Of heaven's birthright

An unaltered state

Of pureness and sacred gifts

Sealed like a treasured love letter

Hidden cherished abundance

Every secret revealed

Kissed with the beauty of truth

Knowing in that moment

Forever will never expire

It lives on eternally

Blessing us both

With undeserved grace

... (more)

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Namaste Leo Buscaglia

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 16, 2012

Many years you have walked with me

I carry a piece of your spirit inside

The best part of me

A noble place that often exists

In pure silence beyond

Superficial trappings of life...

Awakening in me a thirst for truth

Soul searching longing to arrive

At a higher place of peace

Unconditional love and grace

You open mine eyes

To what I have always known...

As the wind blows in the storm

There is no fear in me

I hold your truth firmly

Radiating every need-full time

Protecting me in the... (more)

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Giving of a Name

By l0oree, published on Oct 16, 2011

Doreen meaning: Gift from God

My birth Grandma's name Dora Willamina means Gift protector.

My birth mom's name Till ora Henrietta means prayed for home ruler.

My ex husband named our son. I had no choice of our baby's first name. My son's father was not present at his first son's birth. He had driven a big truck. When he arrived at the hospital, his wife at the time had already given their first-born son a name. So, compassionate as I am, let ex husband totally decide our son's name. I could not imagine the pain it must be not given the choice to name your first-born child.

... (more)

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Gift Wine

By Bradford Pace, published on Dec 7, 2009 of the producer: Weingut Stiftung St. Nikolaus-Hospital (“Weingut” meaning “Wine Estate” and “Stiftung” meaning “Foundation”) or simply St. Nikolaus-Hospital. The banner, "Cardinal Cusanus Stiftswein," reveals a specific history of the winery: Stiftswein (I translate as “Gift Wine” or “Donation Wine”) historically linked to Cardinal Cusanus.

Importer Fran Kysela contributes: "Himmelreich" means Kingdom of Heaven, which reflects the historic commitment of the churches in wine production, with holdings in the best locations. St. Nikolaus-Hospital is the... (more)

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