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Diablo Scorpion Chili

By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 27, 2013

... scale the portions if needed. For those of you who cook, there should be no problem.

Diablo Scorpion Chili

4 cup Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila

5 lbs Lean Ground Beef

2 cup Jalapeno Peppers, sliced and chopped

2 cup Serrano Peppers, sliced and chopped

½ cup Ghost Peppers, chopped finely

½ cup Habanero Peppers, chopped finely

2 cup Green Chile Peppers, chopped finely

2 cup Mushrooms, sliced (optional)

2 cup Black Olives, sliced (optional)

2 cup Green Olives, sliced (optional)

3 can Red Kidney Beans... (more)

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Ghost Too Cry

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 7, 2013

... hurry to claim and proclaim. In hurry, we just forget about the valuable existence of our life. We tend to give up and yes we give up tamely. Look at yourself, what made you to walk towards this tree and at this hour and when I say, this hour, I mean of your world; only at this hour of the time, ghost roam around but you are out and you are not ghost. You are fearless because you have reasons to live…you are living…you are not dead…you are not ghost, you are human being…” Saying, this he looks at her and he finds tears again rolling down to her cheeks. She wipes her tears, with the ... (more)

Tags: love, life, night, fear, ghost, hope, silence

Where are the bones? Ghost sighted!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 6, 2012

The ghost, a white whisper and then a lady all dressed in black with a black lace blouse, seen living a cemetry on Monday night. The moon, venus and the alignment happens once in a hundred years.

Cemetries they say come a live, yet there was a sighting, a lady dressed in morning, leaving the cemetry an old world cemetry with a lit candle and the white whispers in front. It was an amazing sight. It wasn't the alcohol, cold and brisk, the centre of the universe, Venus was doing some amazing work.

They saw the ghost is out on the prowl finding her murderer, as no one tried to... (more)

Tags: ghost, kings cross sting, in the cross fire, jennifer stone, white whisp, ghost sighting

Graphic Novel Review: Haunt

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Apr 25, 2010

In 2006 Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman agreed to collaborate on a new title during a question and answer session at the San Diego Comic-Con. The result, albeit a few years later, was Haunt, a super-hero ghost story based around two brothers, Kurt and Daniel Kilgore who are far from the best of friends. The brothers are very different characters; Kurt is an accomplished and capable Special-Ops agent working for a shadowy government agency, Daniel a less than perfect Priest who is first seen arranging his next appointment with a naked prostitute.

Daniel’s... (more)

Tags: ghost, review, graphic novel, book, mcfarlane, kirkman, ottley, haunt, comic, super-hero

After Dark

By The Clean White Page, published on Nov 18, 2009

The alerters go off and we all come. The boys run into the muster bay, step into their boots, pull up their fire gear and get on the engine. I assign a radio orderly and get into the front of the engine beside the driver, ready to head out when the crew is on board. We know going out that it’s a domestic fire, an RTA, whatever. But even the men with more than twenty years experience never know quite what they’ll see. We deal with Death. Sometimes he wins, sometimes we do. He is the enemy and fire is just one of his weapons.

When the incident is closed, everyone heads home. We’re a retained... (more)

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Black Eyed Children

By Alethea, published on Oct 31, 2006

... stood two young children (approximately 9 yrs old) with entirely black eyes. They asked to be let in and when she inquired for what, they said to use the bathroom. After experiencing an immediate overwhelming dread she said no, left the room and they disappeared. Another experience on came from a guy that was about to leave a parking lot when two teenagers knocked on his car window. At first, one of the boys asked for a ride home. As he felt compelled to open the door, he discovered their eyes were black. Finding them quite unnerving, he... (more)

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