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If it happened again would we notice?

By Charles Harmison, published on Oct 26, 2006

...about an experiment conducted in the early sixties by a controversial behaviorist named Stanley Milgram.

The experiments took place following the Nurnberg trials and asked the questions of how seemingly average people could be capable of the vicious acts of barbarism that took place in Germany during WWII. The video is located at and it is extremely interesting to watch. If you have not heard of the actual experiment, it starts out simply as a means to measure learning potential through pain. The person... (more)

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Facing a Faceless Enemy

By Risa Peris, published on Oct 21, 2006

...they proclaim that our enemy is faceless, are nevertheless waging an ethnic war. It is a classic battle of "us" and "them". The current Administration has recognized tragic international incidents, such as 9/11, as key opportunities for asserting power by manipulating language. In Nazi Germany, the Germans became unified by identifying an enemy, real or imaginary. Once the enemy was isolated it gave them a strong sense of ego enhancement and self-confidence. The government was able to justify extreme measures in social policy, such as the narrowing of civil liberties, economic... (more)

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Belgium - The land of... of what, exactly?

By Simon, published on Oct 11, 2006

...somewhat mysterious. By all means, that such an insignificant piece of trivia should even be mentioned in this article is a fairly good illustration of Belgium's incredible lack of worldwide recognition. As an American acquaintance of this reporter once put it, "Belgium? That's the capital of Germany, right?" Now the next question should be quite obvious, even to an American. Okay, Belgium is unknown, point taken. But is it worth learning about or even, God forbid, going there? After having spent over three years in Brussels, this reporter might be able to provide a little insight on the... (more)

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