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Illegal Aliens Are Illegal Aliens, Period, Part II

By D. E. Carson, published on May 2, 2007 George Soros, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Charles Gibson, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Mahr, Edward Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Murtha, Shrillary Rotten Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Howard Dean, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to tell them what to think. This was how Hitler won over Germany so easily – he told the people what he wanted them to hear and because his message told them what they wanted to hear, no one ever bothered to question him. It is time for Americans to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. When Americans actually research for themselves, they will see that both ... (more)

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Thank GOD for The Second Amendment

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 18, 2007 support of or against my article. You can go find it if you like, it is titled “Constitution 101: The Second Amendment”. Following the massacre at Virginia Tech, I am still unwavering in my support of the Second Amendment and I am incensed at newspapers in England, France, Germany and elsewhere that sought to criticize our Second Amendment. To them I say, “I don’t tell you how to run your country so keep your cotton-pickin’ nose to yourself and don’t tell me how to run mine!” Frankly, I don’t give a damn about what other nations ... (more)

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The invisible "Americans" among us

By Amo, published on Apr 12, 2007

...almost every battle ever waged and every war ever fought, that land was part of the spoils of victory, and with that I have no disagreement, and yet after all the battles we fought, all the wars we’ve won, only our Native American brothers have been left devastated. We rebuilt Japan and Germany after World War Two, we fought a civil war and have tried to make amends for slavery, and yet the average annual income for a Navajo living on a reservation is just over $6,000, and 56% live below the poverty level. The hypocrisy and silence among the social activist groups, on both sides... (more)

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I am from the Czech Republic. So What?

By Ivana Poulova, published on Apr 8, 2007

...was regained in 1989 and Czechoslovakia was again a democratic country. On January 1st, 1993 the country split in two, and since then we have two independent republics: Czech and Slovak. The Czech Republic has became a member of the European Union on May 1st, 2004. Our neighbors are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. So the important fact is that already for 13 years there is no Czechoslovakia anymore! I feel like that the persons I talked to must have spent those years in a coma. Czech Republic is usually known for its tasty beer (Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar,... (more)

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Illegal Aliens are Illegal Aliens, Period!

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 8, 2007 needs to go back to the country from which they came. If the parents want their children to grow up here, they need to apply for citizenship legally and LEARN THE DAMN LANGUAGE! This whole idea of printing government forms in 53 different languages is absurd as well as just stupid. Germany doesn’t accommodate someone wanting to immigrate there. Germany expects immigrants to learn Deutche. France expects immigrants to learn French. Why shouldn’t America expect its immigrants to learn English? The legal immigrants learn English, so what does that say about... (more)

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Pan African Film and Arts Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Feb 22, 2007

...ten days of “QUALITY” films that represented the African Diaspora. The PAFF is the largest international Black film festival in the United States showcasing over 170 films from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Mali, Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Morocco, France, Germany, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Canada, Cuba, New Zealand, Senegal, Switzerland, Algeria, Belgium and more. I am fortunate that I could experience the Pan African Film and Arts Festival each year in Los Angeles. Every day of the festival I saw at least one movie and the weekends two or more films. One of... (more)

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In Desperate Move, Pfizer Uses Sex To Sell Drugs

By mattjosh, published on Jan 24, 2007 set to lose its patent in 2011. In an effort to brace itself for these losses, Pfizer is eliminating 10,000 jobs, about 10% of their workforce, both here and abroad, over the next two years. Additionally, they will close at least two manufacturing plants in the US and possibly one more in Germany, as well as several research centers. All in all, the next few years will cut several billions of dollars of their income, annually. Pfizer is not alone, either. Several other major drug companies are facing similar situations in the near future, and are making similar decisions to cut... (more)

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Cokelore Claims Santa

By V, published on Dec 20, 2006

... Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas). ‘Santa Claus’ is actually a mispronunciation of the Dutch word ‘Sinterklaas’ by the English settlers of New Amsterdam - later renamed ‘New York.’ Sinterklaas was and is a major, annual celebration in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It falls on the eve of St Nicholas’ Day, December 6th, which is the day for gift-giving and the climax of many days’ festivities. Saint Nicholas is the beloved, true-to-life star of a Dutch folktale which tells the story of one Bishop’s generosity. As folklore tells it, ... (more)

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Why I Switched To Linux

By Adler, published on Nov 20, 2006

...I've always looked to Spell Check my e-mails in multiple languages. The reason is I have worked Internationally (Globally) for a good deal of my life, and always, always wanted to spell check my e-mails in American English (not the Queen's, but the President's), stay in contact with my son in Germany, and deal with my Hispanic friends. Plus throw in the occasional French phrase. All spell checked. Now, as a thinking individual, go try to find a solution with Microsoft. I'll bet you can't. My solution Evolution. Hey that rhymes. Can you imagine after having dealt with the largest,... (more)

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Set your clock back tonight!

By Ariel, published on Oct 28, 2006

Tonight marks the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST). But what's DST after all? To impress your friends, you could tell them that it was first mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, and put into practice only in 1916 by Germany. You could also tell them that it was first instated in the U.S. in 1918 but the general grumpiness that it triggered made the government forget about it soon after. It went on and off like this several times until 1966 when the U.S. federal Uniform Time Act became law. Now, the question that matters to us the most: are you gonna sleep an extra hour or not? Well, to answer... (more)

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