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10 Days Of Horror (day One)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 23, 2008

... day in my lonely horror-fest. I thought I would watch a movie that I have not seen in a while. Suspiria is one of those films that upon first viewing seems very campy, but upon subsequent views becomes a very engaging and powerful film. The story opens with an American dance student arriving in Germany to attend a dance school when all sorts of craziness and horror begin unfolding.One of the best things about the film is the vivid imagery and use of colors. I swear that M. Night Shymalangadingdong must have taken extensive notes on Argento's use of light and color to accentuate a mood and... (more)

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Clark Rockefeller: International Man Of Mystery

By Crowbar, published on Aug 12, 2008

... another news story floats in the undercurrents and keeps getting more bizarre as the days goes on.

If you haven’t been keeping up, this story started as a simple parenting snatch and child grab and has spun into a tale of murder, money, and the multiple identities of a man born in Germany who has no knowledge of his past.

I can already hear the keyboards of hack screenwriters banging away at a movie of the week.

On July 27th, “Snooks”, the love child of Clark Rockefeller and Sandra Lynne Boss, was taken during a custodial visit in Boston that had... (more)

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The Obama Dilemma (part 2)

By Amo, published on Aug 7, 2008

...and will do almost anything to portray him in a favorable light.

A case in point; was his recent world tour, which had an almost “rock star aura” about it, so much so, that all three anchors from each of the networks traveled with Obama to report his every move. In Germany Obama felt compelled to emulate his idol JFK and I suspect begrudgingly Ronald Reagan. His “I am a citizen of the world” speech drew almost 200,000 admiring fans, and by all media accounts an international success. The tour of course was calculated and designed to showcase Obama as ... (more)

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Obama World Tour '08

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 26, 2008

...of salivating, starving wolves waiting for America to make one little tiny slip and then pounce creating a communist/socialist nation unlike any this world has ever known.

And bearing down on America like a kamikaze pilot is Barack Obama.

Today, citizens of the city of Berlin, Germany turned out en masse to catch a glimpse of a man who hopes to become the 44th president of the United States. Most of those in the crowd were young Berliners seeking a promise of peace and hope in the world as Barack Obama stood like a messiah before his followers. His popularity among the... (more)

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Doheny Blues Festival: Always A Good Day

By Gary Schwind, published on May 25, 2008

...Star-Spangled Banner (Hendrix-style of course) and playing the guitar behind his head. But I didn't hear anyone complaining. It was a rousing start to a good day of blues.

The Backporch Stage proved the place to be all day. After Thackery, we also saw BB and The Blues Shacks (from Germany), Watermelon Slim and The Workers (the reason I wanted to attend Sunday instead of Saturday), and Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves.

I was a little disappointed when BB and The Blues Shacks came on stage, only because that slot was supposed to be occupied by Watermelon Slim... (more)

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Why Must America Win?

By D. E. Carson, published on May 2, 2008

...carried out by Arab Muslims.

What is the Muslim population of the World?

25%, and growing faster than any other segment

Isn't the Muslim religion peaceful?

Hopefully, but that is really not material. There is no doubt that the predominately Christian population of Germany was peaceful, but under the dictatorial leadership of Hitler (who was also Christian) that made no difference. You either went along with Hitler’s ethnic cleansing goal or you too were eliminated. There were between 5 and 6 million Christians killed by the Nazis (including 7,000 Polish... (more)

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Funny Games, Painfull Viewing

By Albert Cudlban, published on Apr 6, 2008

...just makes you Wish you were George.

Director Michael Haneke decided to remake his original "Funny Games" (1997), for reasons which are unclear, considering that his production remains nearly identical.The only majorchanges coming in the form of a new cast, andrelocating the storyfrom Germany to Southampton, Long Island. The director has mentioned in interviews that heoriginally intended his first film to be set in America, because of the greater inclination of US movies to revel in violence as entertainment.

At the start of the film, "George" (Tim Roth) and "Ann" (Naomi... (more)

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Christina Linhardt: Voodoo Princess

By Gary Schwind, published on Apr 2, 2008

...that’s slutty.” If all women were dressing that way, it wouldn’t be an issue.You were around European politicians and royalty when you were growing up. How did that come about?My dad worked as a cultural liaison. He’s actually been knighted a couple of times in Germany and Switzerland. In fact, he is Germany’s highest-decorated citizen. He had an institute here through USC that brought in a lot of writers, playwrights and politicians from Europe. I was around some of Europe’s greatest minds, amazing playwrights. The president of Switzerland was a ... (more)

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4,000 And Counting...

By Lila M., published on Mar 26, 2008 a speech, which has gone as high as 40 times. They are the same group of Bush enthusiasts (hard to believe, but they’re still out there) who feel the entire Middle East harbors terrorists, ignorant to the fact that most of these terrorists were living in and holding meetings in London, Germany, France and a list of other countries. These clueless individuals keep supporting his stance on the war as if it’s really going to rid the world of violence (insert laughter here).

The glossy reporters on CNN and Fox News report on the war, yet never ask the important questions –... (more)

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By Ed Attanasio, published on Jan 19, 2008 shove it (which would undoubtedly lead to my eventual termination), withdraw all of the money from my bank account and head to Europe to party and travel and just hitch hike around. I would probably make Amsterdam my headquarters, journeying from time-to-time to places like Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Greece, depending on the season.

I’d run with the bulls, hit Oktoberfest, spend summers on the beach in Greece and along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I’d eat the best food and drink the best wine and meet great people and live a carefree life right up until... (more)

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