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Eyeless in Gaza

By Anastasia , published on Nov 23, 2012

An Indian user on Blog Catalogue raised the question of sides in the recent Gaza conflict. Apparently there was some concern in his country over the ‘disproportionate’ Israeli reaction to attacks by Hamas. This is my response.

You conclude your well-argued, balanced and reasonable perspective with a clear statement of principle: "Let's support the innocent people in both Palestine and Israel who wish to live a normal life like all others." How could I possibly fail to agree with those sentiments; how could anyone fail to agree? The latest news is that a ceasefire has been concluded,... (more)

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Eyeless to Gaza

By Anastasia , published on Jul 4, 2011

...more luxurious Mediterranean resorts, perhaps? Go out on the balcony and have a look around. See; there; just to the south of where you are standing, the Hamas training camp should give you a clue. Hamas; what, the terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel? Yes, Hamas; for this is Gaza and the hotel is the al-Mashtal, recently refurbished at a cost of $40 million.

Once you’ve recovered from the shock you might care to wander around Gaza City. I feel sure you will be surprised by just how well-stocked the stores are, or by the construction boom, of which the al-Mashtal ... (more)

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Today I am an Israeli

By Anastasia , published on Jul 3, 2011

...stand up for itself let alone this brave oasis of liberty in the Middle East. I’ve never been an uncritical supporter of Zionism. I thought expanding settlements on Arab land was a mistake; I still do. No matter; today I’m an Israeli, which, to paraphrase the speech of JFK in Berlin, must be the proudest boast in the world of freedom.


Yes, I wrote this a year ago. I intend to supplement it tomorrow with a second chapter, casting a little light into the darker corners of the Gaza-bound ‘Freedom Flotilla 2’, a propaganda ploy by the terrorists of Hamas.


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Peace Talk Overture: Hamas Kills Four Israeli Civilians

By Dan Ehrlich, published on Aug 31, 2010

Hamas gunmen have killed four Israeli civilians, but not in their Gaza constituency, in the West Bank as a prelude to peace talks this week in Washington DC. The crime casts an ominous pall over the confab, and further illustrates the difficulty in establishing anything other than a state of anarchy in the occupied territories.

Stanley Kubrick's controversial film, A Clockwork Orange, symbolized a world gone mad and increasingly anarchic...something like it is today when how we think things should be aren't that way, when right is wrong and left is right. There's probably no better example... (more)

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Media: The War Israel Has Lost

By ranfuchs, published on Jun 6, 2010

...The way the recent flotilla event was conducted PR-wise, is merely the tip of the iceberg of Israeli inability to comprehend the importance of International Media and PR as a legitimate warfare strategy.

In this case, for instance, assuming that Israel needs to maintain the blockade on Gaza, let’s see how it could have conducted a Media-savvy operation.

In the months prior to the flotilla voyage, Israel, who had no doubt collected all details about the passengers, could have preempted and published the identity of those passengers with links to Al-Qaeda and Hamas. This would ... (more)

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Glaring Hypocrisy, Bloated Bureaucracy Plagues Israel

By Dan Ehrlich, published on Jun 6, 2010

The aid convoys to Gaza, which are largely publicity stunts aimed at embarrassing Israel, illustrates the double standard being practiced, one law for the world and another for Israel.

Every nation reserves the right to stop and inspect cargo for contraband. The US Coast Guard and Navy do it all the time in our war on drugs and terrorism. Ships are stopped and searched and if found carrying illegal goods, can be impounded.

The big difference with the recent Israeli actions is American sailors rarely are met with force or screaming violent crew members. Israel was.

Do you... (more)

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Dubai's Shame Lies in Gaza

By Dan Ehrlich, published on Nov 28, 2009 slopes, are glaring examples of a needless waste of cash that could have gone to aid and resettle Palestinian refugees. Yet, this isn’t new to the Palestinians who have been penned up in camps since 1948, either unwilling or unable to resettle elsewhere.

The Vatican claim that Gaza has become a concentration camp isn’t so far from the truth. Yet, this isn’t the fault of the Israelis so much as it is by design of the Arab nations, Dubai being one of them.

This is a conflict that defies western logic, which is probably why it’s so difficult for westerners to... (more)

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We will face them with death.

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Sep 26, 2007

...Palestinian government, considered by U.S. and the European Union to be terrorist, an "enemy entity (, September 2007)". Hamas has taken this as a declaration of war: "We will not surrender and we will fight together with our people (" Although Jihad groups in Gaza claim responsibility for rocket attacks made on Israeli army bases, Israel holds Hamas accountable for not the preventing attacks. The Islamic Jihad have responded to the increased stronghold on Gaza by Israel: "We have God at our side and God is greather than Israel and America... (more)

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