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It's Time for a (Sexual) Revolution

By ZenGrrrl, published on Nov 1, 2006

...often the core of self-esteem and identity: their sexuality. People are crying out for REALness about sex. Not hyperbole, not manufactured scripting, not McSex, not stumbling naked into the American sexual "Just Do It!" battlefield with no emotional preparation. With all the visibility that the gay community has achieved in the last several decades, demanding acceptance for alternative sexual orientations, it is time for people of every orientation to make a stand against sexual repression, against the messaging that tries to brainwash us into believing that our bodies are dirty. If you... (more)

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By C. Reagan, published on Oct 14, 2006

... sporty and seem to rise above the urges of “high-fashion”. In this outfit, it seems that I don’t need to fit in with the other boys. I am comfortable and flattered by these clothes, but my eyes shimmer with the truth. I’m not nearly ready to not “fit in” at a gay bar in West Hollywood. It lands on top the other clothes with a soft, but familiar, thud. Black is the new black. In pinstripe pants, a dark, tailored button down and polished black Ferragamos, I can pass for the east-cost hipster I really long to be. Not complete without a venti double soy... (more)

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Pres. Bush Eats Pussy Cat

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 8, 2006

... from within the White House of President Bush eating what appears to be an adorable kitten. When asked about the pictures White Press Press Secretary Tony Snow cited executive privilege and national security issues prevented him from commenting at this time. He proceeded to say, "Look over there! Gay illegal immigrants from Iran are getting married!" The press briefing ended abruptly with Snow disappearing behind a sudden cloud of black sulphuric smoke. This is just the latest scandal to hit the Republicans recently. Rep. Mark Foley resigned after instant messaging to a former page that he... (more)

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Seriously, Are you kidding?

By Erinn Selkis, published on Oct 7, 2006

... sir. Enjoy!” “This is the strongest tanning bed that the state of California allows us to fry your skin with, enjoy!” Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. Ugh. As if someone telling someone else to enjoy something will actually make that happen…If it were only that easy, I would be going around all day saying “Erinn, enjoy waiting in backed up traffic; enjoy burning your tongue on your coffee, enjoy making $9 an hour, enjoy having your boyfriend turn gay.” I would be “enjoying” all damn day. I would not be kidding and I would be having a GREAT one.  (more)

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My dog is a lesbian, now will you buy from me?

By Stephanie Michele, published on Oct 3, 2006

...out who you are, do it on purpose and then ask for special treatment because of it.” I understand people discriminate. No one deserves to be treated poorly for circumstances out of their control however things are getting a bit out of hand when IBM decides to have a policy for gay and lesbian vendors. This is word for word off their website, “…businesses who wish to be identified as gay and lesbian owned businesses should contact IBM's program director for gay and lesbian suppliers.” I am all for creating jobs in the workplace but can’t... (more)

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