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The Bar Pick-Up

By C. Reagan, published on Apr 9, 2007

... to the “Self-Help” section of Barnes and Noble and pray for a Disney Animated Musical scale miracle to dance into your life. For the realists left in the room, please take note: this piece is directed toward “the other team”, the homosexuals, the capital “G” Gays, the Queens. Further more, I will be focused solely on the male sex this time around. Why? “Write what you know” wins out over “write what you don’t know anything about”. Although I did have some uncomfortable experiences in college with heterosexual bar... (more)

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Evangelical youth group Battlecry brings protest in SF

By pennylane986, published on Mar 29, 2007

...Tang, member of the World Can’t Wait, read a message from Mayor Gavin Newsom’s desk in support of what their organization was promoting. “We live in America and a democracy; we pride ourselves on being a city of respect,” it read. The message noted that Newsom supports gay marriage and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and will continue to do so. Two Sonoma State students quietly protested as the charter buses of Battlecry participants rolled into United Nations Plaza. Ali Leeds, 19, and Dan Stillinger, 18, were standing with The World... (more)

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Young People Today -- An Old Fogie's Take

By Charla Howard, published on Mar 19, 2007

...flexing their muscles and keeping each other in check. Today, they feel what it means to be the children of the world’s only superpower. Their “leaders” borrow trillions against the future to wage inexplicable and seemingly endless wars on drugs and terrorism and gay marriage. Their “leaders” discount global warming as myth, on the one hand, and designate “intelligent design” as science on the other. Just as devastating as Katrina and Rita, all manner of psycho-spiritual shit is hitting the fan in America, and we all, especially young ... (more)

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Max and Jason Style

By C E Walker, published on Mar 4, 2007

...extremely intelligent (and, yes, particularly attractive) men who are enjoying life and their jobs and that shines through in their work. To call them Playboys would belittle, ultimately, the well roundedness of their personalities, of their characters. So, I will call them the Intellectual Hedonists of Current TV (though, I like to think of them as the Oscar Wilde’s of Current TV but less debaucherous – as far as I know -, less sardonic and biting and culturally critical, and you know, not gay). Watch out for these two. There is definitely more to be heard from them.


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The Visa Hustle

By V, published on Feb 28, 2007 loop hole to deny you entry back into America. I was lucky. I did not get him this time. 'Hello Soul Suckers*, can I help you?' I say. There is a long, deep sigh at the other end of the phone and then, with a pause of the same time measure, the deep, weary voice of a man who is most likely gay finally responds, 'Oh could you just stop with the fake English accent? It doesn’t make you smarter or more sophisticated no matter what anyone tells you.' This was the first client phone call I took, on the first day of my first job in La La Land. You would probably be right in assuming ... (more)

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Does circumcision prevent HIV?

By Adam, published on Feb 12, 2007 the ablation of the penile foreskin which covers the glans. It may involve physicians or nurses for medical purposes like phimosis, penile cosmetic surgery or cancer, but it was first practiced for religious reasons, essentially by the Jews and Muslims. HIV was discovered in 1986 among the gay community of San Francisco and is now a global health problem with 4.1 million new cases/year and 2.8 million deaths/year. It has massively spread in Asia and Sub-Saharian Africa. The hypothesis that male circumcision could protect from HIV infection is mentioned in several scientific... (more)

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The Unauthorized Autobiography of Jon Payne

By Jon Payne, published on Jan 17, 2007 as a boy and I grew up on a steady diet of Speghettios and Meatballs. My father played Rush Limbaugh constantly on the radio and would plan schemes to take down the Soviet Iron Curtain. He would have me type his dictated letters to President Gorbachov, which usually urged him to stop being a gay Commie bastard, or something of that nature. Gorbachov never wrote back, but my father said it was because the educational system was so bad over there, that their president was probably illiterate. I then turned five and began school. Kindergarden was an enormous opportunity to network... (more)

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Nothin' Wrong with a Little Imperfection

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 21, 2006

...then maybe there still is hope, and Brad and Jen are renewing their vows right now. I'll admit it. Heck, I'd even admit it for all women alike if they'd let me tell their secrets. I dress to impress. And more often than not, it's the women whose mouths I want to drop, not men's. I'm not gay – I'm just a woman in heels. I have spent hours daily at the gym and at the books, pouring physical and emotional sweat to be the sexy woman who has it all. I tend to experience a similar flood of emotions each Christmas when my mother insists on waving the annual letter from my aunt... (more)

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AIDS in Black- Heroes in the Struggle

By G'Bre, published on Nov 22, 2006

...and Jimmy Jean-Louis (the mysterious brother that has not spoken yet in “Heroes”). Guests gave a recap of the last 25 years, the cultural milestones and the AIDS and HIV related milestones during this time-- from the discovery of AIDS in 1981 (and it’s original label, “gay cancer”) to the frightening statistics surrounding AIDS in Black communities today. The statistics were sobering and the personal stories of friends and family lost to the disease were poignant and touching. At the forefront of the fight against AIDS are the nights’ honorees. ... (more)

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"My Beef with Borat"

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 21, 2006

...I hear that he is even private and very much a family person. Equally interesting is that he is engaged to woman named isla Fischer who is anything but orthodox. I really do not understand that move if you ask me. He claims to be orthodox but the orthodox community rarely marries outside of the Jewish community let alone the orthodox one. All the information leads me believe that Cohen may in fact be a gay Iranian hip hop orthodox Jew in real life. As long as he keeps us guessing there is no telling what will come after “Borat”,“Bruno”, and the Cohen legacy. (more)

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