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Pass the Soma: IVF in A Brave New World

By Jen, published on Jul 26, 2007

... things like blonde hair and blue eyes? As our knowledge gene function grows, so will our arsenal of PGD tests. Perhaps you would like a male child that will grow to be 6 ft. tall, maintain a full head of hair, and (after you furtively assure that the couple behind you in line isn't flying their gay pride colors) you might also ask that he be heterosexual. Unsure? Talk to one of our trained specialists to determine what kind of child is right for you. PGD: the power to bring you a kinder, softer form of eugenics than ever before. Don't worry, "It Can't Happen Here". Now, if... (more)

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In the West

By Kat, published on Jul 24, 2007

...understand that sex is here to stay--not going anywhere any time soon. We all know that Women are good--so what if they want a piece of your ass sometimes--you seem to be willing to put out a piece of your ass (and this applies to ALL of the men in my life--be you straight or knocking on the gay "gate". Just take a moment right here and now and LOVE the women in your life. If they were "bitches",you have a moment of forgiveness here from me. I know. I've had some bitchy women in my life and I get away from them as fast as I possibly can. But all the women who "give" in this life... (more)

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The Holiday Exam for Dating

By Jamie Lake, published on Jul 7, 2007 least favorite replies, and yet invariably is such a good standby. This was all over instant messenger you see in this sad day and age of electronic communication, and men’s inherent distaste for the telephone. If you know a male who loves to talk on the phone, odds are they’re gay or really, really lonely, and would prefer another form of communication but have accepted their defeat with the phone. When Logan didn't seem to see anything wrong with either of the options I provided, I was fed up and told him the mature response, “fine I'd go make-out with one of them... (more)

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Houstons Gay Life From A Stright Point Of View

By Alicia Richards, published on Jun 21, 2007

The gay life of Houston is pretty exciting. This, yes, is coming from a straight girl, but I know this life well. My father is a gay male, along with a close cousin of mine. I have many friends that are gay that comes from this. I thought I would add a little diversity to this paper, maybe attract different crowds. There are many hots spots in the Houston area for the gay individual. Most of the gay life tends to be in Montorse. As far as Bars and Clubs go here is a short list of some of the most popular. 611 Hyde Park Pub Bartini Blur Bar Brazos River Bottom Chances Bar CLUB 1415 Club... (more)

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United Kingdom Encourages Same Sex Adoption

By Steven Lane, published on Jun 21, 2007

About a month back, a representative of the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, in Gloucestershire, England, made a startling announcement. Management there admitted to the press that they had duped two unsuspecting gay pink flamingos into fatherhood. The couple, Carlos and Fernando, who have been clacking beaks for over six years now, have a history of desperate attempts at fostering chicks. Unable to lay their own potential omelets, the same sex pair has been known to muscle prospective parents, and legitimate egg owners, right off the nest so they could raise the fledgling flamingos... (more)

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Houstonians Ready to Show their Lone Star Pride

By Clint Cedillo, published on Jun 21, 2007

As the fabulous and their friends emerge on the intersection of Westheimer and Montrose, they will be warmly greeted by the gigantic Chandelier that hovers above the boulevard. Saturday, June 23 will welcome the annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Parade. As America's original nighttime Pride Parade, thousands of spectators will revel in the complexities of the floats and intricacies of the costumes that accompany each submission. The Parade will command the attention of Westheimer for over a mile, shutting down the thoroughfare from Woodhead to Whitney. Come early to the gay-borhood... (more)

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Raunch Dressing, Anyone?

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 22, 2007

...prank from other students. Whatever happened to the harmelss kinds of pranks we pulled in my day? Like putting chalk in the chalkboard erasers; snapping girls’ bra straps, giving kids wedgies(or melvins/snuggies as some called them back then); pink bellies, Indian burns or putting Ben-Gay or Nair in guy’s jocks during P.E.? Sure, we used to do stuff that was borderline – like throw eggs at teachers or play the old dog crap in the flaming newspaper on the neighbors’ porch trick – but spanking the monkey into a bottle of salad dressing never even... (more)

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That Big Dyke Is Stealing Our Women!!!

By Rev. F, published on Apr 30, 2007

...Jackie didn't pull his foreskin over his forehead. Word dat. Hey Jackie, there are more than enough lezbo fish in the sea for you to reel in and munch on. Leave the hot hetero ones for the men on Our Team. .......... It looks like this week's episode will be somber. One of Jackie's gay personal trainers has apparently died of an AIDS-related illness. I remember my first encounter with an AIDS patient. It was early in my medical training days...about 1991. AIDS was starting to be understood but the stigma was enormous and The Fear was running wild. I walked into a... (more)

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New York City: Can I Get Some Change With That?

By Michael R. Gauthier, published on Apr 13, 2007

...death and singing. But it wasn’t necessarily that apartment that created so many fantastic memories for me, it was the area I lived in. To me, everything east of Avenue A was New York. I had my regular watering holes for all occasions- happy hour, happy hour after 8, Yankees games, gay bars, straight bars, w/ kitchen bars… There was my coffee shop, my pizza place, Thompkins Park. Walking back through my old neighborhood I see that many of these places are now gone. Last year, during a summer visit from the west coast, I arranged an enormous get together at one of my... (more)

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Summer Movie Preview 2007: The Rise of the Sequels

By Crowbar, published on Apr 11, 2007

...lived its novelty. Also on July 13th is 1408, a Stephen King horror movie starring John Cusak as a ghost hunter dared to spend the night in a haunted hotel room. On the 20th, Adam Sandler has a new comedy called I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry about two firefighters who must pretend to be gay to scam an insurance company. July 27th brings us The Simpson’s Movie. I think everybody feels that this movie is a little too much, a little too late. Go see Stardust that weekend, a fantasy based on Neil Gaiman’s popular novel, about a young man who goes on a quest to win the... (more)

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