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Prosecutor Lori Frugoli UPDATE

By john robertson, published on Jun 7, 2008

...was incredibly weak and riddled with inconsistencies, a good prosecutor would have dropped the charges instead of becoming more determined to gain a conviction. Lori Frugoli, however, realized that she had a celebrated, honored and decorated member of the community, who just so happens to be gay; and either she decided that his sexuality was proof positive of his guilt, or she decided that his sexuality would be easily exploitable before a cherry picked jury. Either way, she stood to gain plenty from convicting such a well known pillar of the community. The only problem facing her is a... (more)


Wedding Bells For California Gay Couples

By Alethea, published on May 16, 2008

...numerous same-sex marriages for San Francisco couples. On voiding the 4,000 marriages, which were approved by San Francisco's mayor, the court determined that state law defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Starting today, the court has changed its tune, as thousands of gay couples rejoice. However, many are questioning if the various outraged conservatives will find a way to bypass the court’s ruling.

Ultimately, the court decided there are no specific laws limiting marriage to a man and a woman and likened the ban to the antiquated... (more)

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When Government Officials Fuel Hate Crimes

By Lumiere, published on Apr 11, 2008

When Oklahoma ’s State Representative Sally Kern was recently recorded while making several statements like, "Gay's are worst than terrorists," to a private assembly of fifty conservative republicans speaking about her views of the Gay community,she created a public outcry.

If Sally Kern studied World History, then she would have known her actions are very similar to what Hitler did when he created the Nazi Party. According to the international 2007 Hate Crime Survey by the Human Rights First organization, "Bias crimes motivated by sexual orientation, like those motivated by... (more)

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Are You Gay???

By Ellis Jane, published on Apr 3, 2008

...eighty-eight miles per hour with plutonium and 1.21 jigawats of power, and you happened to visit Canada in the 1950's, you had better not have an unusually strong affinity for Judy Garland or the color purple. In 1950, the Canadian Civil Service built a "Fruit Machine" to aid in the detection of gays. Now while this may sound ridiculous to our "modern" society to use a tricorder-like device to diagnose sexual preference, the notion of "gaydar" is something still prevalent in our day to day existence.

Gaydar, to which is alluded or mentioned in shows like Buffy, The Office, or... (more)

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Tales Of A Nurse: Lesbian Drama

By baynurse, published on Feb 26, 2008 made a citizen’s arrest saying I assaulted her.

Now, I was devastated at the loss of my lover, roomate, and friend. I was in trouble with the law, and the story of what happened that day was now all over the dorm and the nursing school.

The students at school avoided talking to me, the christian teachers were making comments about how wrong it is to be gay to the other student nurses. I was left all alone with my sorrow, no one would or could comfort me, I had no one, my friends all abandoned me, for fear of being labeled gay themselves or of being seen with me.


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Switching Sides Of The Aisle

By Glenn T, published on Feb 20, 2008

...$30 billion dollar fence could be traded for? A real subway in L.A. That’s right… one that could eliminate a traffic problem that costs millions of dollars a day in lost productivity. How much money is that “fence” going to save us?

Third, he’s against gay marriage and wants a Constitutional amendment to that end. Really? Are straight marriages so kick-ass that we can’t give someone else a go at it? The divorce rate is at 50% right now, and they don’t count California (who doesn’t keep count of their divorces – clearly ... (more)

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9 Down, 6 To Go..

By Hunter Addams, published on Feb 8, 2008


He's against big government, the IRS, Social Security, the Federal Reserve, and government spending. He hates the foreign policies which ave, time and time again, done nothing but started wars. Just like the other candidates he supports the death penalty, and is against abortion and gay marriage. Although, UNLIKE the other candidates, he believes these matters should be decided at the state level, not federal. Did I mention he's also a licensed physician, gynecologist, and was an Air Force Flight Surgeon? His donations have been getting higher and higher, raising more money in... (more)

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Democratic National Convention Schedule Released

By Anonymous Party, published on Jan 31, 2008

... the U.N. in Spanish

7:20 pm Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

7:25 pm Nonreligious prayer and worship with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton

7:45 pm Ceremonial tree hugging

7:55 pm Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

8:00 pm How I Invented the Internet - Al Gore

8:15 pm Gay Wedding - Barney Frank presiding

8:35 pm Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

8:40 pm Our Troops are War Criminals - John Kerry

9.00 pm Saddam Memorial Rally - Cindy Sheehan and Susan Sarandon

11.00 pm Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

11:05 pm Collection for the Osama Bin... (more)

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The Government Is Really Broken

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 14, 2008

...of you who were abused and are reading this, I’m sorry for your past, but you need to get over it, stop wallowing in it, get off your ass and turn that into a positive. If you were sexually assaulted as a boy by a priest, quit trying to convince me that the experience “made you gay”. That’s a bunch of horse hockey. Being sexually assaulted by a same-sex adult doesn’t make you gay any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. You were assaulted. Get over it. Suing everyone and their mother isn’t going to give you back what you lost.... (more)

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Letters From The Lovelorn

By Keely, published on Jan 5, 2008 a result of a Learning Annex course) assume we will sip it with a significant other.

I predict that if you introduced reasonably priced half-bottles, Trader Joe's would become renowned not only for good victuals, but as a place to meet the gourmand of your dreams. The half-bottle in the cart would become to heterosexuals what the bandana in the back pocket is to our gay brethern; indeed, they too might purchase half-bottles on days when they do not have a bandana handy. Please, TJ's take heed; for there is truly a need. Yours sincerely, Single and Thirsty in San Pedro


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