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The Gay Tea Party

By Lumiere, published on Nov 18, 2008

...steps forward for equality. Yet at the same timethe United Statestook three steps back as theGLBT communitylost the marriage ballot and adoption rights in California, Florida and Arizona.

In the year 2000, California voters passed Proposition 22 whichprevented the state from recognizing gay marriageby a margin of 61.4% to 38.6%. Eight years later on Election day fully 48% of Californians rejected Proposition 8.The numbers were notenough, but it was a massive shift in popular opinionregarding increasedacceptance of the GLBT community and their civil rights.Only fifty-two percent of... (more)

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Why Los Angelites Need Ryan Seacrest.

By wolviela, published on Nov 3, 2008

...40, the host of News Eve Count down with Dick Clarke, hell host of everything.

I only know him as the guy I listen to on my 45-50 minute drive to work along with Ellen K on Los Angeles' top radio station 102.5 KissFm. My secondary alarm clock.

Whether you think the man is gay, straight, or one hell of a metro-sexual, the man is magnificant in his own right. Perhaps a little neurotic and he gives us a hint that he could possibly be OCD. He is definitely analytical about EVERYTHING.

Seacrest makes you feel like you know him, and that every guest he... (more)

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Why California Needs Proposition 8

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 2, 2008

...22 and consolidated them into one case. A year and a half later, on May 15, 2008, the California state Supreme Court made its final ruling on the case and in a 4-3 decision usurped the power of the people and overthrew the Proposition as if to hog-tie the people of the state and forcibly shove gay marriage down the throats of the people. As San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome said, “The door is wide open now, whether you like it or not!”

Marriage defense organizers shifted into high gear to get another initiative on the ballot, Proposition 8 which is a Constitutional amendment... (more)

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Tales Of A Nurse: A Formidable Life

By baynurse, published on Oct 28, 2008

...breath of life in front of me.

Working in the homeless clinic in SF I have helped and advocated for addicts, the homeless, psychotic and suicidal patients. I have cared for criminals, murderers, rapist and child molesters working in the SF jails. I have had friends who are transgender, gay , straight, homeless, uneducated, and with various disabilities of different ethnicities, and many races .

I have been friends with the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, the popular and the unpopular,

I have been called everything from lard assed bitch to hottie.

... (more)

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Church In A Bar, Sermons On Gay Civil Rights

By Lumiere, published on Sep 18, 2008

...persecuted his family and he wanted no part of it... but what he and his mother did notice is how the LGBT community stood up for them in the midst of great turmoil. Truthfully, it was the least that could be done for a woman who opened her heart, her arms and her ministry for years to the gay community. Mrs. Bakker had also brought awareness toAIDS at a time when it was barely known. Unlike many other religious institutions, Tammy Bakker truly knew what it meant to walk the talk and love unconditionally. She passed this gift onto her son as he is continuing to help lead the Civil... (more)

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They Eat Their Young! They Eat Their Young!

By slowasigo, published on Aug 31, 2008

... Democratic Electorate as a cohesive body. The party fragments easily. Moreover, it fragments spitefully. James Carville, Democratic strategist and loyal Clinton advisor, continues to harp on Barack’s inability to win. Media mogul, Paul Colichman, publicly denounced Obama’s position on gay marriage and said he would not be voting for him. It was reported during the convention that Bill Clinton, the patriarchal head of the Democratic Party, would not be attending Obama’s keynote speech.

With such infighting does it matter who runs against Barack? Swiftboat Veterans... (more)

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Marriage Schmarriage Gay Or Het

By baynurse, published on Jul 21, 2008

I have been pondering, but not much, about marriage. Who cares!! government and laws, and privileges for people getting together with each other just aint right.

Some folks marry for all the wrong reasons and regret it for life, some marry for the right reasons to the wrong person. Some marry for money, green cards, social status, pre made arrangement, social standards, peer and family pressure.. blah blah blah and so on..

I personally don't need a piece of paper or government sanctions on whom I love, or whom I sleep with, or whom I want in my life, my home, my bed, my space.... (more)

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Presbyterian Church Will Allow For Ordination Of Glbt

By fashionista, published on Jul 17, 2008

In 1994 an anti-gay religious organization, OnebyOne, was formed after an individual Presbyterian church and Presbyterian Renewal Ministries sponsored a conference called "The Path to Freedom: Exploring healing for the Homosexual." Their mission was to help heal the “sexual brokenness” caused by a life of homosexuality. Through pamphlets and booklets they work to help GLBT individuals abandon their orientation through conversion therapy. However, according to the AMA (American Medical Association) and the APA (American Psychiatric Association) conversion therapy is actually... (more)

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Pretty In Stereo: "pretty Good...for Girls"

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 1, 2008

...“You’re pretty good…for girls.” That’s my favorite.That’s pretty complimentary.(Cassie) How about, we’re just pretty good?What do you think they’re expecting?(Natalie) No offense to the lesbian community, but they’re expecting us to be gay. They’re expecting us to be really loud and sing songs about hating men, and not be able to tune our instruments. I swear to God.(Erin) Or they expect us to care more about our clothes.(Cassie) They either want high heels and short skirts, or wife beaters and Dickies.(Jodi) And just to let ... (more)

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The "real" Black Dahlia

By pleasurepalate, published on Jun 20, 2008

...Biltmore Hotel. Not wanting to leave her alone, Red Manley waited for over 2 hours with her at the lobby before Elizabeth got him to leave by telling him her sister was coming to pick her up. Reluctantly, Red left her and soon after, Elizabeth walked over to the Crown Grill, diner by day and gay bar by night. Like Elizabeth, our tour also took us to Crown Grill, now known as Club Galaxy. Crown Grill is the last place anyone saw her alive. A few weeks later, her body was found in front of a residential area in Leimert Park right in the middle of a field.Visiting the location of her... (more)

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