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Is Bitcoin changing the online gaming world?

By Jack Danish, published on Dec 23, 2013

...servers exist for popular games such as Minecraft, which allow players to use BTC for contests and competitions.


Bitcoin is not technically considered a real currency (legal tender) in many countries, so it is comparable to video game credits in some ways. This means that you can bet freely with your coins without any risk.

It is obvious that the future of online gambling lies in Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency. The current payment system with complicated processes like PayPal simply is not compatible for casual users who just want to have some quick fun.


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Is Gambling an Addiction?

By Ely North, published on Feb 5, 2013

Dear Ely,

My boyfriend is a degenerate gambling addict. I wouldn’t mind so much if he won a ton of money, but he sucks at gambling. Last month he lost our rent money, and I had to beg our landlord to give us more time to pay. Odds are it’ll happen again someday soon, and then we’ll be out on the street. My boyfriend realizes how serious the situation is, and he says he wants to stop, but he just can’t do it. What can I do to break his addiction and get him to quit gambling?


Loser Lover


Dear Loser Lover,

Your boyfriend... (more)

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ATM Goes On The Blinks & Dishes out $1.5 mil.

By Angie Alaniz, published on Jun 20, 2012

58-year-old Ronald Page a retired worker from General Motors usually maintained an average of $100.00 in his bank account.

Though back on August 1st through August 18th in 2009 due to a bank error the automatic teller machine he was at in Detroit’s Greektown Gambling Casinos allowed him to withdraw thousands of dollars that totaled up to $1.5 million in cash.

ATM withdraws

$312,000 at Greektown Casino

$103,000 at MGM Grand Casino (that same day)

$514,000 at Motor City Casino (few days later)

The rest were taken out at ATM’s all over town to include... (more)

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Red Gaming

By Anastasia , published on Apr 19, 2012

...from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to the various tribal governments. So what did this mean in practice, what innovations did it bring? Buffalo hunting may have been out but the hunting for punters was in! The business of America may be business but the business of the Indian nations is gambling. There is another parallel here with the South African homelands, where supposedly independent entities made money through gaming, free of restrictions applied elsewhere. Indian independence, such as it is, has been built in the modern age on the roulette wheel and the slot machine. When... (more)

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Fat Fingers and Your Money

By D. E. Carson, published on May 8, 2010

... to do in this situation?

The simple answer is not so simple. The answer is to stop investing so heavily in the stock market. Since the explosion of the World Wide Web into our lives, activities such as stock market trading has become a pauper’s game. It’s the only kind of on-line gambling that is allowed to operate in and include participants from the United States. Typical on-line gambling sites are often run out of countries outside the jurisdiction of the United States but no one has ever bothered to shut down the single largest gambling racket – the New York Stock... (more)

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