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Fruit can be bad for you!

By Lartinos, published on Jan 1, 2013

There I said it, I bet you haven’t heard that before. Hardcore dieters have known this for some time as they are well aware that fructose has a similarly bad effect on our bodies as table sugar. (Sucrose) If you are really serious about losing weight you must count every carb from fruit and make sure not to over do it. People only dieting for overall health and not to lose weight must also be aware of the sugar content of the fruits they eat. People falsely assume that the sugar in fruit is not bad for you. False! It has a negative effect on insulin levels when over consumed and can contribute... (more)

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Harness your subconscious mind? You can do it!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 18, 2012

... ever thought the powerful person you already are could be more powerful when you harness the use of the 90% of your mind that you do not utilise.

You can learn to open your mind through becoming aware, first when you think we eat a orange yet when you break it down from the picking of the fruit, to the texture of the skin and then the peeling or the cutting of the orange. The juice pouring over the plate as your knife cut through the skin. These all everyday chores, yet for some of us well most of us only take in 7% of the information that is sent to our mind.

I am not saying ... (more)

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