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Buddha Is My Friend

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 8, 2010

... breath in, I said to my son, "how would you feel if you just met a new friend?" For a moment there was complete silence. Perhaps the little guy didn’t know if he actually wanted a friend. But within seconds his sweet little voice said, ‘nice’. So I continued and said "do you know what friends are for?" The little voice said, "to share, to play" and there it was!

The feeling of fear seemed to have gone for a ride. We both went near an idol and started to feel its beauty by just being by its side for few moments. Surprisingly, I saw my son touching the idol. He seemed to feel... (more)

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Airbus A321

By SZU, published on Jul 30, 2010

... ago I participated in a media coup. There were students of reputable colleges and institutions from all round the city. We made films and ads, conducted seminars, danced, sang and had the best time of our lives in those three days of the coup-competition.The best part of it all was the livelong friendships that we made. Below is a memoir of those friendships.

THE STORY I haven’t been very well for the last few days but I have been a thorough professional by being present at my internship every single day despite the ill health. Two days ago, I just couldn’t manage to get out of... (more)

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My Face, Off-Book (Part 3)

By the expat returned, published on Jul 29, 2010

...a message on my wall to let everyone know I was leaving, and I wrote private messages to people I’d recently met to be sure I had everyone’s real contact information – address, phone number, the old fashioned stuff. Strangely, I was nervous about leaving Facebook, and some of my friends’ responses confirmed my own vague impression that I was about to perform the social equivalent of forsaking electricity and running water. Why would I possibly want to leave Facebook?

My response was usually not as eloquent as I would’ve liked because, well, I want to leave... (more)

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Degrees of Intelligence

By Blogger_babe32, published on Nov 28, 2009

Most of the other PhD’s I worked around were unbelievably brilliant but lacked, shall we say, common sense or any social graces. I used to say that they may have discover the hole in the ozone, but they couldn’t cross the street because they would get hit by a bus. My PhD friend had three grown children, and at the time my son was young so we often talked about parenting dilemmas and such as we ate lunch together.

I could never figure out why she was being so generous with her time in spending it with me. In retrospect, she may not have had a lot of choice. At that point in my life,... (more)

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