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Freedom from CASTE & RELIGION

By Rahul, published on Jan 31, 2013

Do we Indians take cast and religion too much seriously or is it that they are the only things we care about. It may be an intuitive thought but nevertheless it seems like that the greatest threat to our nation is not our neighboring countries (Pakistan and China) or the Maoist insurgency, it is the numerous religions and castes that prevail here. They have rooted so deep into the soil of our nation that any decisions made or anything done in this country should consider both above the needs, interests and wellbeing of its people.

The recent outrageous act towards a film ‘Vishwaroopam’... (more)

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Blogging Opened The Door To Writing

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 28, 2012

It took me years to finally decide to start writing again. I had taken a 30 year sabbatical since leaving university to raise 9 children and I just couldn't seem to start. Perhaps I could have started seven years ago when everyone was in school full time but realistically there was simply to much physical work involved in running a household for eleven people and helping with the farm animals and our large vegetable garden.

there is a lot of work on a hobby farm with a family of 11

Instead of writing, I told stories. The Irish side rose to the surface as I entertained... (more)

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