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For the Love Women

By Guerrero21, published on Jun 2, 2014

“Societies in which women have lots of autonomy and authority tend to be decidedly male-friendly, relaxed, tolerant, and plenty sexy. Got that, fellas?”

Cacilda Jethá,Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

I am a male, a veteran, a husband, a father, and a writer. I am fortunate enough to have an enduring partnership with one wonderful woman, and an enduring admiration for and appreciation of all women. Since I was a small boy, I have loved women. I have loved them on different continents; I have loved them in different shades and sizes. I have loved women of... (more)

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A Flicker Of Light And Hope

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 18, 2013


Golden and fiercely reflected

A glimpse of heaven...

Now a dying ember

On a gray horizon

Dulled and perishing

The onslaught of hate

Transposed in conflict...

Our children living

In this shadow, never knowing

The love of freedom

The tranquility of silence

Reposed in calmness...

Clasped instead in the iron-cast

Turmoil, nightmares that

Flare to light the night

The horrors that fill their

Sunlit days and moonlit nights...

Yet their hope survives

Easing the... (more)

Tags: peace, war, children, horror, freedom, hope

Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 16, 2013

My heart aches

Seeing you lost in

Self judgement

Believing all the lies

Others have dumped

On your soul...

Entreating, appealing to you

Let them go

Emancipate yourself

From "mental slavery"

Travel within to

Find the essence of

All the beauty you possess...

Remember when you reached out

For no reason other than

You wanted to help

Remember when you shared

Someone trials and pains

Simply out of the goodness

Of your pure giving heart...

This is your immaculate... (more)

Tags: truth, soul, freedom, mental slavery, one love, bob marley

Nobody but the Brave

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 24, 2013

Tonight as the darkness falls

I'm thinking back fondly to 1963 And the way our lives and outlook used to be As the hallowed words come back to me From TV shows, the voices ring out In quite moments when the silence can nearly shout I recall how we would walk and, talk about What we had to do so the dream would work out

You said: Nobody but the brave Nobody but the brave Those alone are strong enough to save Something from what everybody gave

Nobody but the brave Nobody but the brave

It seems these nights I see you again my friend The way you looked way back then... (more)

Tags: justice, jobs, history, freedom, equality, progress, struggle, bravery

The Blogger's Syndrome

By Rahul, published on Aug 10, 2013

...and social matters, extreme obsession towards writing and as the most common symptoms of this disease. I dedicated my life and work for the past three years in the research of this disorder and found it to be an acute disorder which can lead to deadly outcomes, that is creating passionate humans and reformed societies so in order to control it, it is highly recommend that the infected individuals be isolated from societies to save the rest. I personally request the government to put a ban on the freedom of expression through words, especially those which uses reason and logic’.


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Blogger Receives Visit From Cops For Googling “Pressure Cookers”

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 2, 2013


This is one example of what seems to be an ever-increasing trend of investigations due to agencies obtaining personal data from sources such as Google and Skype. It raises some interesting questions such as are we witnessing a rapid decline in certain rights, such as the right to freedom of speech, when cops show up at "our doors" as a result of certain words and phrases that we "google?"

Where does the balance lie between our government's "protecting" our safety verses interfering with our freedoms? Does this make you feel safe as it may have been a terrorist or... (more)

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Celebrating America's Freedom: Declaration of Independence

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 1, 2013

This is the third article in my series of “Celebrating America’s Freedom.” I found some interesting facts on that I thought would be fascinating to share with you. So, without further ado, here we go….

The Declaration of Independence is a document written by our Founding Fathers declaring America's independence. A committee of five men, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston were appointed to write the document. The first draft of the Declaration was written by Jefferson,... (more)

Tags: america, freedom, the declaration of independence

Celebrating America's Freedom: July 4th

By Coach Phatty, published on Jun 30, 2013

Independence Day is one of my favorite times of the year. The picnics, barbeques, fireworks, parades and spending time with family and friends make it a day of great fun. In remembrance of our freedom, I decided that for the next few blogs leading up to July 4th, I will post some stories that give us a historical background as to how some things in America came to pass. Today's story: The Birth of the Fourth of July.

Independence Day also known as 4th of July is the birthday of the United States of America. It is celebrated on July 4th each year in the United States.... (more)

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The Search for Freedom

By Ely North, published on Jun 16, 2013

“I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I used to be thoroughly pissed off a good proportion of the time. I was supposed to be living in “the land of the free,” but everywhere I looked I saw infringements on my freedom. Most of my anger was directed at the Government, that nameless, faceless, nebulous menace which I saw as responsible for most of these infringements. The Government passes laws requiring me to do certain things (e.g. pay taxes, wear a seat belt) and not to do other things (e.g. punch nuns, murder morons). All... (more)

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The Real Hero

By Rahul, published on Apr 23, 2013

...yet remain as a guide for those in doubt to follow and to make that first step which they thought were never possible before.

In my observation one of the main threats that existed and still does (with only a slight drop in percentage) in my locality and those nearby is the denial of freedom and rights for women, which men normally enjoys and even misuses in surplus. The freedom of choice and expression, and the right to educate and to acquire a dignified job has been totally denied for a girl child. A girl born in the family is seen as a liability and marriage alone is considered ... (more)

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