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I Cheated On New York

By TheTruth, published on Apr 13, 2007

...with another city besides New York. And that second love is none other than Paris. Like almost every other American tourist in Paris, I could do nothing but squeal the moment I laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower. And that was only within my first few hours of arriving in the City of Lights: Paris, France. Having studied the French language and culture for five years, I knew a good amount of information about Paris and what sights are most worth seeing. However, since I only had three days to stay in Paris before my return to Rome, I knew I was pressed for time to see everything I was looking... (more)

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Illegal Aliens are Illegal Aliens, Period!

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 8, 2007

...need to apply for citizenship legally and LEARN THE DAMN LANGUAGE! This whole idea of printing government forms in 53 different languages is absurd as well as just stupid. Germany doesn’t accommodate someone wanting to immigrate there. Germany expects immigrants to learn Deutche. France expects immigrants to learn French. Why shouldn’t America expect its immigrants to learn English? The legal immigrants learn English, so what does that say about illegal aliens? It says they do not like or even respect the United States of America, just as a parasite does not like or... (more)

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Pan African Film and Arts Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Feb 22, 2007

... presented ten days of “QUALITY” films that represented the African Diaspora. The PAFF is the largest international Black film festival in the United States showcasing over 170 films from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Mali, Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Morocco, France, Germany, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Canada, Cuba, New Zealand, Senegal, Switzerland, Algeria, Belgium and more. I am fortunate that I could experience the Pan African Film and Arts Festival each year in Los Angeles. Every day of the festival I saw at least one movie and the weekends two or more films.... (more)

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tsarfatit - The first Francophile Jewish Network

By mikewinsc, published on Feb 14, 2007

It started with just one email. The date was April, 15th 2005. Yoel Ohayon is a young professional Jew of Moroccan descent. Like a number of other Jews born in Morocco or France, he came to the US to better his education. Although most of them are undeniably enjoying their new lives in the US, they sometimes feel a void created by the fact that the French-speaking Jewish community is increasingly scattered all around the world. A few days before Passover in the spring of 2005, Yoel felt it was time to do something about it. He crafted an email that he blasted to his Jewish friends all over... (more)

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Cokelore Claims Santa

By V, published on Dec 20, 2006

... finally onto the world stage. ‘Father Christmas' is the name given to the gift-giving figure of Christmas in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, other Commonwealth countries and many other countries - translated into local variations (‘le Père Noël’ in France and ‘Papa Noël’ in Brazil for instance). The traditional Father Christmas was not at all associated with children or the bringing of gifts. He is alleged to have roots in paganism, associated to the Saxon custom of dressing an elderly male in robes as ‘King... (more)

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Coup de Grace for Foie Gras Geese

By V, published on Dec 13, 2006

...and much cheaper pate. Globally, animal welfare organizations deem this force feeding practice or ‘gavage’ and its side effects - resulting from a grossly engorged liver - as animal cruelty. The production of Foie Gras is illegal in some countries and states of the USA. Despite France being the world’s largest producer and consumer of Foie Gras, producing 18,450 tons of the 23,500 tons produced worldwide in 2005, two companies in America do produce Foie Gras. Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York and Sonoma Foie Gras in California contribute to the domestic (and some... (more)

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Look at me

By Ariel, published on Dec 1, 2006

Although I grew up in France, I never liked wine, stinky cheese or cigarettes. To tell you the truth, there isn't much I actually miss from this country, except maybe its culture: French literature is often excellent and some of their movies are also extremely smart. 'Look at me' (original title: 'Comme une image', released in France in 2004) is one of these movies. Written by couple Agnes Jaoui / Jean-Pierre Bacri -- famous in France for their multiple collaborations on plays and movies -- 'Look at me' is a depiction of the social existence of a small group of writers and artists in Paris... (more)

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The Small Big Artist

By Leticia Pontoni, published on Oct 11, 2006

“THE SMALL BIG ARTIST” By Leticia Teresa Pontoni Henry Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) was a brilliant painter and drawer from France. He was born in an aristocratic family. He begun to study art in Paris in 1882, in 1885 was working in a studio in Monmartre. He became part of the Impressionists and Post-impressionists. His posters advertising the dancers and performers confirmed that he was a genius as an artist of wit, movement and too much energy. A precarious health was with him all his life. He lived with a physical malformation. He was the pioneer of modern posters.... (more)

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Belgium - The land of... of what, exactly?

By Simon, published on Oct 11, 2006

... about Belgium, despite these two countries' immediate proximity: they are indeed right next to each other, which is a source of immense shame for the apparently, eternally "arrogant" French; and a mixed blessing for the Belgians.

Why a mixed blessing, might you ask? Well on the one hand, France has reasonably pleasant weather, delicious food and wine, beautiful landscapes, the Eiffel Tower and much more. On the other hand, however, France is cursed with the presence of the some of more conceited humans ever to have walked the surface of this planet. Thus the Belgian people are... (more)

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