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The Food Stinks And The Portions Are Too Small

By alan handwerger, published on Jul 21, 2009

The Food Stinks and the Portions Are Too Small

Most chefs have a favorite dish. Mine, unequivocally, is Steak Frites, a classic and inexpensive dish that can be found in just about any café in France. It is a simple preparation, my version involving a thin piece of sirloin strip and French fries.

To prepare Steak Frites, you season the meat with salt and pepper; then sear it on both sides in a really hot pan, preferably cast iron. Use either butter or olive oil as your fat. It cooks very quickly. You then remove the meat, throw some finely... (more)

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Air France Flight 447: Big Zub In Bolivia!

By J.N. PAQUET, published on Jun 22, 2009

...1 pilot, Michael Schumacher, is the Stig! or is he not?)

Well… something actually happened! During the live news broadcast of Bolivian TV channel RED PAT, the female newsreader dared say that the channel had “exclusive” pictures that had be taken in the Air France Flight 447, between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, before it disapeared and crashed on 1st June 2009!

While the pictures were displayed on the screen, the journalist added to the story that the pictures had been taken by a passenger of Flight 447, at the exact moment the plane split in ... (more)

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Vol 447 Air France: Un Petit Buzz Qui Devient Un Grand Zub!

By J.N.PAQUET, published on Jun 22, 2009


Pourtant le journal télévisé de la chaîne RED PAT, a osé présenter en direct desimages dont la journaliste a affirmé qu’elles avaient été prises dans l’Airbus A330 d’Air France qui a disparu en mer durant le vol Rio-Paris, le 1er juin dernier!

La journaliste a ajouté que les photos avaient été prises par un passager du vol 447, au moment même où l’avion se coupait en deux. Photos qui auraient été... (more)

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Saint-cloud FÃ'te Boris Vian

By David Raynal, published on Jun 13, 2009

...Arc de Seine: «Vian qui est né à Ville d’Avray en 1920 a été l’un des premiers critiques de Jazz. A ce titre, il était en rapport direct avec les artistes noirs américains qu’il a fait connaître et accepter en France et en Europe. Dans le même temps aux Etats-Unis, Charlie Parker se fait virer de son propre club, le Birdland à New York, en raison de la couleur de sa peau. Miles Davis est quant à lui tabassé par un policier devant la salle de spectacle où il joue, alors... (more)

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People Of Dresden: Barack Obama - Welcome, Mr. President !

By Andreas Klamm, published on Jun 5, 2009

... to separate the audience of the President from the people which do like him.

Mr. Obama is planning to visit on Friday also the Landstuhl Military Hospital of the U.S. Armed Forces and will continue his two day journey in Europe to attend the D-Day memorial service in Normandy in France on Saturday.

At the Cairo University on Thursday morning President Obama has delivered a high profile speech to the people of the Muslim world building bridges for new relations.

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama, Ground Report, Creative Commons License

... (more)

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The Airpod: To Ride On Air Is Human (at Last!)

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 30, 2009

...the road, MDI spokesman Sebastien Braud said Wednesday.

Drivers can recharge their air supply in eight hours by plugging the car into electricity outlets, or by going to special 'air stations' where the process takes only 2 minutes.

The AirPod will be trialed by airlines Air France and KLM at their bases in Paris and Amsterdam, starting in May, said Braud. Another trial will begin in the southern French city of Nice in December.

The car will take some getting used to, and not just because of its novel power supply. Steering is done with a joystick, and the only... (more)

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La Forecast High Temp ... 39F???

By D. E. Carson, published on May 21, 2009

...very loud.  When it was over, I was a little unnerved, but got over it.  It reminded me that I prefer tornadoes over earthquakes.

As for "The Big One", I can only say this:  given the tendency of earthquakes to wreak havoc everywhere, the safest place to be when The Big One hits is France.  Y'all might want to consider making your reservations now, I hear France isn't a very big place and might have trouble accomodating a sudden influx of 12-20 million Southern Californians.

After living here for over 10 years, I'm thoroughly convinced that Los Angeles is no where near... (more)

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Eu Elections: Desperate French Opposition

By J.N. PAQUET, published on May 20, 2009 be voted in through universal suffrage!


To remind people that they should go to vote, as in any elections, the EU and the member states governments have produced videos to add to their media campaign (find some EU videos below...).

In France, the Government has broadcasted a video that the opposition party has simply called "propaganda". The Socialist Party (SP), relatively low in the polls, demanded the removal of the French European election video, because it said it was "obviously a UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire -... (more)

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Brittany's Bright Future. Part1. A Short History Of Brittany

By J.N. PAQUET, published on May 17, 2009, i.e. Britanny’s Day!), the equivalent to the Irish St Patrick’s Day! Time to look back at what Brittany was in the past, what it is nowadays and what it could become in the next decades…

Brittany is a beautiful piece of land located in the North-West of France. Well known to Britons for being their favourite second home choice in France, but who actually knows much about the actual place? Did you know for example that Brittany is a former independent Celtic kingdom and duchy that was incorporated into France in 1532?

ROOTS IN... (more)

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Coupe De France: Rennes Attendra Encore...

By J.N.PAQUET, published on May 10, 2009 voir apparaître le Président Nicolas Sarkozy, qui semblaient ne pas vraiment s’intéresser au match avant de s’y rendre, puisque l’Elysée avait signifier le jour précédent la finale qu’il ne se trouverait pas au Stade de France

Plus attendue et certainement plus appréciée fut l’apparition à la mi-temps du match de l’attaquant Rennais, Jimmy Briand, qui s’est blessé au genou il y a quelques semaines lors d’un entraînement avec... (more)

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