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The Joy of Gewurztraminer

By Bradford Pace, published on Dec 2, 2009

By November of 2005, winemakers and growers in Alsace, France, were selecting individual grapes from bunches of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat, and Gewurztraminer for their “Late Harvest” wines, known as “Vendanges Tardives.” The quality was to be exceptional. A rainy April with very high temperatures through July caused the vines to grow healthily. August became “unseasonably low,” says the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace, which “preserved very satisfactory levels of acidity.” By September, the sun returned, and October’s “low rainfall, misty mornings and sunny afternoons” set the... (more)

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Green with Nauseous Envy

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 2, 2009

...the Republic of Ireland’s football team.

Two handballs, one offside, and no piercing blow of a whistle from the referee with an unobstructed view of le criminel – the sequence will endlessly loop in the minds Irish footballers from now until, well, maybe ever. When Thierry Henry and France step onto the pitch for their first game in South Africa next summer, every face in the land of Eire might turn as green as a clover from injustice-induced nauseous envy. Not even Les Bleus could blame them.

What really puts the gravity of this story into appropriate perspective,... (more)

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Canada and India break 34 years of nuclear jinx

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 30, 2009

... now become the eighth country which has reached a civil nuclear agreement with India, since the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) lifted a 34-year-old ban on India to join global nuclear trade in September 2008. The group members who have already signed the civil nuclear deal with India are the US, France, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Argentina and Namibia.

The deal was announced after the Canadian PM Stephen Harper and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held talks on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Port of Spain. The bilateral relations had... (more)

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France: Pakistan not to get India-like civil nuclear pact

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 30, 2009

A statement by a French official has put Pakistan's foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in an embarrasing situation. Qureshi, in May this year had gone on record saying that France is ready for a transfer of civilian nuclear energy technology to Pakistan. The office of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, had then said that they are offered to help Pakistan improve its "nuclear safety" capability. The French authorities had then not reacted to Qureshi's statement saying that such a move would need IAEA's nod. Now, the French authorities have made it official. President Sarkozy’s intitiative... (more)

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Afghanistan: U.S. Wants 10,000 Troops from Allies

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 26, 2009


Allies like Britain is already facing internal criticism and it seems reluctant to add forces. The British government is facing a opinion poll that suggests that 70% people favor early withdrawal as the nation has already lost 97 soldiers in Afghanistan this year.

Germany and France are also shying away from any further commitments to the war. The support for war is now so low in the two European nations that they can reportedly, barely maintain current troop levels. Among other prominent partners, the Netherlands and Canada have already begun chalking out exit plans.

... (more)

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Belgian PM is the new EU President

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 19, 2009

...Britain has been chosen as the foreign policy chief.

Rompuy is seen as a consensus building, low profile leader who would not upstage the typical big powers and their leaders in Europe. His appointment is said to be backed by Germany and France. He was appointed Prime Minister of Belgium in December 2008 before having held the position of President of the lower house of parliament since July 2007.

A Christian Democrat, while being the budget minister previously, he took a tough... (more)

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The French Waitress in My Bed

By alan handwerger, published on Oct 29, 2009

...“Hey, Al,” I heard my brother, Rob, shout up the stairs just after the doorbell rang.  “There’s someone here to see you.”

      If this made no sense to me at the time, please note the following: (1) I had only recently moved to France, and was reasonably sure that I didn’t know anyone within a radius of 700 miles and (b) I was still a little drunk from dinner, after which I had come home and passed out on my bed.

       It had not been my intention to be drunk.  But Rob and I, having quit... (more)

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Tous les ans, le 19 Mai, les Bretons du monde

By J.N.PAQUET, published on Oct 11, 2009

...ce qui a fait de la Bretagne ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui… Car de nos jours, la Bretagne est surtout connue pour ses crêpes, ses galettes, ses paysages de campagne, pour ses maisons anciennes achetées par des Britanniques, voire pour son football (surtout depuis la finale de la Coupe de France de football qui opposa pour la première fois deux équipes bretonnes, Guingamp et Rennes).

Mais saviez-vous que la Bretagne est surtout un ancien Royaume celte et Duché indépendant qui ne fut rattaché à la France qu’en 1532 ? La Bretagne n’est donc française que depuis 477 ans... (more)

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Quand L'elysee Met En Scene Une Visite De Sarkozy...

By J.N.PAQUET, published on Sep 6, 2009

... des sujets heureux dans leurs vies et heureux de leurs conditions…

Conclusion du reporter de la RTBF : «Le Président ne veut voir qu’une seule tête, cela fait de belles images mais pas sûr que les Français soient dupes ».

Hum… Soyons honnêtes, les Français sont dupes !

* * * * * * *

- Le magnifique reportage de la RTBF :

- Le reportage de France 2 (qui n’a rien vu de la manipulation !!!) :


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The Food Stinks And The Portions Are Too Small

By alan handwerger, published on Aug 3, 2009

The Food Stinks and the Portions Are Too Small

Most chefs have a favorite dish. Mine, unequivocally, is Steak Frites, a classic and inexpensive dish that can be found in just about any café in France. It is a simple preparation, my version involving a thin piece of sirloin strip and French fries.

To prepare Steak Frites, you take the meat and sear it on both sides in a really hot pan, preferably cast iron. Use either butter or olive oil as your fat. It cooks very quickly. You then remove the meat, throw some finely... (more)

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