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The Foxy Fox and The Dumb Dog

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 4, 2012

A few years ago the male members of our family were out on the kitchen porch enjoying a cool twilight breeze after a hot summer day. Suddenly Anthony whispered,

"Don't move. There's a fox between Matt's truck and the car"

Michael quietly called the rest of us to join them. We were all startled to see a red fox, frozen in place with his head turned our way in surprise. It seemed to me that he he was thinking,

"I can hardly believe this! What are you doing out here? You're infringing on my territory, my time."

Turning, he started to leisurely trot across our backyard... (more)

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The Sly Fox And The Traumatized Chicken

By melanie jean juneau, published on Sep 28, 2012

The sly fox.

No words better describe our intelligent, resident fox. Red consistently fooled our dumb guard dog by laying his foxy scent in pointless circles. He knew that Shadow, our dog, would follow his nose mindlessly and not use his eyes. However, we soon discovered that Red was even more adept at nabbing chickens than outwitting our dog.

About five years ago, Michael was by the house when suddenly a streak of red caught his eye. He realized, with surprise, that this was our fox, out in broad daylight. Michael lost sight of him but he yelled for our dog a moment later... (more)

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