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Most Popular Formal Dress Patterns in 2014

By kakawenzeng, published on Jun 25, 2014

...Year season is fast approaching. Just like each year this time around we again come up with most popular formal dress patterns in 2014. Few patterns saw a repeat from the past season but there are quite a few that definitively saw a shift. Let's get started with some of the most popular formal dresses patterns in 2014.

Long formal dresses Chiffon made floor-length formal dresses are most famous pattern in 2014, thanks for the red carpets celebrities. Floor-length dress saw a surge in demand in recent days specially with lace flowers and embroidery dress. A slit from the front is... (more)

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The Advantages of Choosing Formal Dresses Online

By kakawenzeng, published on Jun 24, 2014 has become a modern day practice. As per multiple surveys at least half of the customers are more comfortable in buying dresses online. As per our analysis it is extremely useful to choose a formal dress online but it may not be that useful to actually buy a formal dress online. Formal dresses are for special events and must fit your body perfectly so it will be good to try the dress before you buy. Though most if online shops offer alteration or an option to change if the dress does not fit your body but it comes with some cost. We are leaving it with you if you still want to... (more)

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Top 5 wedding themes 2014

By uloveevok, published on Jun 18, 2014

...of wine. Sea food is a must to please you guests. Now you are all set to begin a new chapter in your life sitting with your partner at coastline. Ohh you are making me feel jealous!!

Color Pop wedding theme

No matter how old we are there is always a child in us and that child love colors, so why not give your wedding theme a colorful look with a lot of balloons. Let's revive the old birthday touch at your wedding theme and interestingly color pop theme is going very famous in 2014. Color pop theme is not only cheaper but also easy to manage.

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