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A Story of Dealing With Bitterness

By Coach Phatty, published on Sep 13, 2013

There are times throughout our lives when wrongs are done to us that are sometimes very hard to forgive and forget. Hatred fuels bitterness and sometimes the only thing that will help relieve us from this bitterness is the power that we can only receive from God.

I read the following true story, written by Tim Kimmel, demonstrates a very powerful story of how the miracle of forgiveness helped to heal the wound of bitterness. It is my hope that, in some way, this story will help someone dealing with a wrong or a heart of bitterness to aply this sense of forgiveness in much the same way.... (more)

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A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Forgiveness

By Coach Phatty, published on May 15, 2013

...were arrested and imprisoned by the Germans. Corrie and her sister were sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp, where her sister died just before the end of the war in 1945. The rest of her family was never seen again. She spent the rest of her long life spreading the news of God’s forgiveness.

Here is a story of forgiveness, that she once shared. I still think it would have been almost impossible for me to ever have done…


~A Guidepost article from 1972 relates a short story titled “I’m Still Learning to Forgive“ (Corrie ... (more)

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Our Path In Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 4, 2012

OUR PATH IN LIFE Espouse thisIgnore thatSix of oneHalf dozenOf another...Forbearance counseledConnections neglectedRedundancy discerned Choices grappledPoints given and taken away...Facing crossroadsCrossing a fewRather than waste themAscertain the qualityChoose wisely...Better to forgiveLetting goThan to carryBurdens undeservedReleasing...Impulse is of the soulGently guided by the heartWhispering intuitionIn faith acted uponBrain left outside...Better to feed the soulStarve the propensityAsking what areWe here for anywaysWhat is truth...Equanimity balancedFilled with loveForgetful forgivenessConsorting... (more)

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Forgive The Day

By Inmyredhead, published on Nov 19, 2011

...this day already be over with, I did prefer.

The sun is black and I can not find the hope. I try my hardest to reach it, but I can not grasp the rope.

Earthbound I remain, drowning in this rain.

I just need a bright shiny gleam to light my way- but I suppose I must first forgive the day.

I just need to know a promise can be kept... tears of joy can be wept.

I need to smile ear to ear. I need to be bold and show no fear.

But the clouds cover my courage and douse my bravado. My internal fire as cold as a snow capped peak in high Colorado.

The ... (more)

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