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Coupe De France: Rennes Attendra Encore...

By J.N.PAQUET, published on May 10, 2009

...Rennais et Guingampais s’embrassaient comme des frères qu’ils étaient. Guingamp avaitété plus fort et les Rennais le reconnaissaient bien volontiers. Un arbitre impartial qui a, par ailleurs, permis aux 22 acteurs de cette finale de jouer un football magnifique, de s’exprimer comme il se doit et le tout dans une atmosphère bretonnante vraiment bonne enfant.

(Photo: O. PAQUET. Copyrights © 2009, BLMPress - Tous droits réservés...)

Les rues de Rennes ne se sont pas vidées... (more)

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Sarkozy Absent De La Finale De Coupe De France !

By J.N.PAQUET, published on May 9, 2009

Le président de la République remet traditionnellement chaque année le trophée de la Coupe de France de football au capitaine du club vainqueur de la finale. Le Président Gaston Doumergue inaugura cette tradition le 8 mai 1927. Tradition que tous les présidents s'attacheront à suivre. Sauf cette année !

"Week-end en famille".

L'Elysée a en effet fait savoir vendredi que Nicolas Sarkozy étant actuellement en séjour au Cap Nègre, dans le Var (où il a fait un discours sur la plage... (more)

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Qui Chantera L'hymne Breton Au Stade De France?

By J.N.PAQUET, published on May 8, 2009

Selon le communiqué officiel de la Fédération Française de Football, et suite aux informations parues ces derniers jours au sujet de l'exécution de l’hymne breton lors de la Finale de la Coupe de France entre Rennes et Guingamp, « la Fédération Française de Football précise ce qu'elle a exactement répondu à la demande qui lui avait été adressée de faire jouer cet hymne juste avant ou juste après "la Marseillaise". La FFF a refusé d'introduire dans le protocole officiel... (more)

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Blue Balls, "straight Boys" And Boobs: Lessons Learned

By john robertson, published on Mar 29, 2009

...act around. Nicky has decided her condo should be decorated in green.

Lisa is still plugging away and she does it fearlessly. When I feel a little bit panicked by the mountain of divorce proceedings before me, I think of a fatter Lisa, ramming her way out of that kitchen like a football player, or sometimes I think of Nicky applying her lipstick and putting on a tighter sweater, or I just remember myself stopping at the bottom of the hill on that day when an old chapter ended; frozen with grief and stunned with pain as I looked up at that house on the hill and read my... (more)

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Madea Goes To Jail

By DLFerguson, published on Feb 22, 2009

...meaning for him: his old childhood friend Candy Washington (Keisha Knight Pulliam) has become a drug addicted prostitute. The two of them are bound together by a dark secret that they find too painful to talk about. A secret that happened during their college days when Joshua was a star football player but Candy was lonely and depending on her friend for support and comfort. Joshua’s efforts to help his old friend doesn’t sit too well with his fiancée and fellow Assistant District Attorney Linda Holmes (Ion Overman) Linda doesn’t understand why Joshua is... (more)

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Dancing With The Stars Season Eight Announced

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 9, 2009

...say anything here???

Lawrence Taylor - regarded as the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL. The Hall of Famer played his entire career with the New York Giants and has two Super Bowl rings to boot. Don't knock it, folks, if you've watched, every time there is a football player on Dancing, he tends to fare better than he's given credit for.

Nancy O'Dell - at 42 and with a 19-month old daughter, she's the hottest TV host in the business. Sorry Samantha Harris, we're just not that in to you...

Stephen Glover - Every season has to have... (more)

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The Gnome Invasion

By Alethea, published on Feb 7, 2009 night, some teenagers were hanging out and claimed to hear a "loud, rustling noise" from behind them. The "dwarf-like" creature was described as "wearing dark clothes" and having "a pointy head..." while "barking like a dog - but running sideways on two legs. It headed off towards the football stadium.”

Interestingly, Aldegonda Alvarz, a photographic expert of the Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero, said that, “This video footage seems credible. We could be looking at another ‘petido orejudo’ -... (more)

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Nfl Play60 Kids' Day At Nfl Experience

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 28, 2009 Bank of America, January 24 and 25 with about 43,000 locals and visitors for two days of inter-active Fan Festival. The festival is located adjacent to Raymond James Stadium encompassing approximately 85,000 square feet, which precedes the Super Bowl each year and features more than 50 pro football related games, displays and entertainment attractions.

Saturday afternoon, I went to the Children’s Gasparilla Parade on Bayshore Blvd. This was a family, friendly alcohol free event that was for the kids and featured kids and their parents walking, riding in wagons or on a... (more)

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Super Bowl Media Day At Raymond James Stadium

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 27, 2009

...similar questions from the throng of reporters for the final hour of Super Bowl Media Day.

I noticed a recurring theme that kept popping up as I listened to various questioned presented to each team. The players all answered questions posed to them about their faith, family and football. The Cardinals were not concerned about going into the Super Bowl as an underdog. The Steelers down played the fact that they were favorites to win Super Bowl XLIII. The defense of both teams spoke highly of the challenges they face in stopping the opposing offense. Likewise, the offense of... (more)

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Youthful Spirit At Super Bowl Week In Tampa

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 26, 2009

...parents were fully immersed in all of the events when I arrived Saturday morning. People were lined up to see and photograph the Vince Lombardi Trophy that will be presented to the winner of Super Bowl XLIII.Fans could try on helmets and shoulder pads in the Locker Room, purchase collectible football trading cards and get them autographs. You can also see how footballs are made in the Football factory, and see memorabilia from the past up to last years Super Bowl in the NFL Network Theatre and Hall of Fame Room. The Hall of Fame Room consisted of photos of Super Bowl Rings, giant posters... (more)

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