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Game Review: Championship Manager 2010

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Nov 27, 2009

The variety of applications (Apps) available for the Apple iPhone never ceases to amaze. Recently big-name game developers have realised the market potential of mobile versions of their games and acted accordingly. Eidos have released their latest instalment of their football managing series, Championship Manager 2010, costing £2.99 to download from the App store and taking up a mere 9.4mb of space on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Fans of the series and everyone who thinks they can manage their favourite football team better than real incumbent are in for a treat.

With three language... (more)

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Football vs. um..Football

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Nov 24, 2009

Every Sunday THE GUYS gear up for a day of bone crunching hits, dazzling moves, clutch plays, irate coaches and crazed fans. Yes, we like our football as much as the rest of this country does. It’s absolutely become America’s pastime, supplanting baseball long ago as the sport we obsess over. Football used to be just for men, but that’s changed. Men and women plan parties around the weekly Sunday lineup.

We know some women who actually like the games (we love that), but even the women that don’t care, seem to enjoy watching their husbands or boyfriends revert back to little boys, screaming... (more)

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Tous les ans, le 19 Mai, les Bretons du monde

By J.N.PAQUET, published on Oct 11, 2009

...donc une excellente occasion de revenir sur ce qui a fait de la Bretagne ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui… Car de nos jours, la Bretagne est surtout connue pour ses crêpes, ses galettes, ses paysages de campagne, pour ses maisons anciennes achetées par des Britanniques, voire pour son football (surtout depuis la finale de la Coupe de France de football qui opposa pour la première fois deux équipes bretonnes, Guingamp et Rennes).

Mais saviez-vous que la Bretagne est surtout un ancien Royaume celte et Duché indépendant qui ne fut rattaché à la France qu’en 1532 ? La... (more)

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2009 Inglewood Celebrates The Arts Market Street Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 7, 2009

...can’t help but dance to the infectious sounds of zydeco.

Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, City Councilmember’s Eloy Morales Jr., and Danny Tabor and City Treasurer Wanda Brownwelcomed the crowd to enjoy another fabulous festival. Members of the Inglewood Blackhawks, a minor league football team roamed throughout the crowd passing out their upcoming schedule. Fantasia Dance Ensemble entertained the crowd on the second stage near Florence Avenue.

Vocalist Zola Moon took us on a nice ride to “Bluesville.” She was backed by a solid band of Michael... (more)

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The World According To Garp

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 30, 2009

...son rather than as The Author (ta-da!) T.S. Garp.

Jenny becomes so successful that a sort of feminist cult springs up around her without anybody being sure of how it started. One of Jenny’s followers is Roberta Muldoon (John Lithgow) a transsexual who used to be a pro football player. Roberta’s one of the nicer of Jenny’s followers who ends up being Garp’s best friend as well as a sort of unofficial bodyguard to Jenny. Not so nice is The Ellen James Society, a group of women who have had their tongues surgically removed in protest at the rape... (more)

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The Road To Happiness

By Glenn T, published on Sep 23, 2009

...seemed to a younger me. But I do know that signing along with thousands of my closest new friends to the songs that I used to sneak a listen to as a teenager, promising me the bigger, better life that I went out and found makes me forget just about everything else, except how to smile. Navy FootballI am a true sports fan. You can usually identify us by noticing that we’ll watch back-to-back and identical episodes of SportsCenter with the same sort of intensity as though it’s our cardiologist bringing back test results. For most fans, there is one team in particular that turns us just... (more)

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Filmmaker Sonja Dunson: I Wear Many Hats

By Gary Schwind, published on Sep 11, 2009

... All of this being one accomplishment after the other that rates high. Also having a fantastic mother, father, and brother who supported me. I guess that's at the top of the list. After this is over, I have always stated that I have wanted to own a sports team. That is my dream, to own either a football or basketball team.

Is there one team you have your eye on?

No, but you know Los Angeles is still open for football. They're looking for a football team here. I don't know if there is a lot of confusion about where it should be placed, or the stadium. I try to keep up... (more)

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Literally Speaking With Authors Of Football Is For Lovers

By boomergirl, published on Sep 1, 2009

Football is for lovers? Football reminds me of cool, crisp nights sitting on the bleachers and necking with your favorite boy toy, right? But what happens when you get married and all your boy toy wants to do now is neck with his favorite team and a can of brew or two? Ack!

Now there’s help. Football is for Lovers is the latest humorous book by the writing team, Robert Brooker and Kathleen O’Dougherty.

We interviewed them to find out more about their book and why we need it so.

Thank you for this interview, Robert and Kathleen.... (more)

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Friday Night Lights

By DLFerguson, published on Jul 29, 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS2004UniversalDirected by Peter BergProduced by Brian GrazerScreenplay by Peter Berg and David Aaron CohenBased on the book: “Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Dream And A Team” by H.G. BissingerI’m not a football guy at all. My sports are baseball, boxing and tennis. I can understand the complexities of Star Trek technobabble or Pre-Crisis DC Comics continuity with no problem but trying to understand the rules of football makes me feel like the village idiot. Oh, if you invite me over to your house to watch a game with you, I’ll show up gladly with... (more)

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Slain Former Quarterback Steve Mcnair Not Worth Praise

By Joseph "J-Lo", published on Jul 9, 2009

... week after former Houston Oiler and Tennessee Titan quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death in a rented downtown Nashville condominium, fans and media alike are still grieving over what they would have you believe is an absolute tragedy in the sporting world -- a beloved, all-American football player who was active in the community with various charities and volunteer organizations gunned down in a selfless act of apparent murder-suicide. A married man only in his 30s – the father of four young boys – killed for no visible reason, no evident logic, and no common... (more)

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