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Ode to the Road: South by SouthWest

By V, published on Mar 26, 2007

...An all day morning hair-do That no comb can get through It's all granola and beer A calling card and a silk cut souvenir I miss you like sleep And there's nothing romantic about the hours I keep The morning's when it starts I don't look so sharp Now I got a heavy heart I talk a lot about football And girls I kissed in Grade 4 I piss off my friends I'm digging a hole just staring at the floor Now every t-shirt's got a wine stain I'm loving cigarettes again I know every tune about guys and girls and hurts and hearts and moans I miss you like sleep And there's nothing romantic about the... (more)

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Young People Today -- An Old Fogie's Take

By Charla Howard, published on Mar 19, 2007 do for a living. We can’t really count on what our parents are telling us. It’s not the same anymore.” Some fantasize that stardom will be their salvation. James, 20, lays out this vision for his future: “Next year I’m planning to transfer to UCLA for football when I’m done [at Long Beach City College]. Then on to the NFL.” Good luck! The odds of landing a job as a firefighter are slim at best, let alone playing professional sports. But this is a common aspiration of kids from urban neighborhoods, many who emerge from twelve years of... (more)

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Read This and I'll Buy You A Ticket to A Kings Game

By Peter Weinberger, published on Feb 1, 2007

...but being done at full speed, on skates, while opposing players are trying to knock him head over heels into the penalty box, you've got an idea of what hockey is like. The worst development in professional (and college) sports has been the growing list of flaming asshole athletes. What football team (college or pro) isn't filled with bullying behemoths who treat their arrests for sexual assault as a point of pride. The only thing that makes football players look good is comparing them with basketball players. When the players aren't getting arrested, they're going into the... (more)

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Can't Lose: Big Bucks for Bears and Colts Alike.

By B.R Uzun, published on Jan 30, 2007

Everyone knows that football heroes like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning make a fortune through lucrative salaries and endorsement contracts. But how does the Superbowl treat the bank accounts of the nameless majority of players that achieve their life’s goal in relative anonymity behind muddy facemasks every year? According to the official site a player on the winning team of this Sunday’s event will receive a whopping $73,000 in prize money. Furthermore, a player on the losing team gets a generous parting gift of $38,000, up $1,500 from last year. That’s over $3,000 more than the most... (more)

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Occidental Baseball: A Strong Start to a Hopeful Season

By pkafka, published on Jan 29, 2007

...does not even come close to rivaling USC or UCLA, but the quality of entertainment can be just as good. Although Occidental is known as an academic before athletics college, its accomplishments on the fields are just as impressive as its accomplishments in certain fields. The Occidental football and basketball teams have continually been ranked in national division three polls for the past few years; and this year, with a young coaching staff in only their second season behind the helm, and a talented and fresh roster, the baseball program is hoping to do the same. For the past few... (more)

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2006 Playoff Musings

By G'Bre, published on Jan 19, 2007

...and head coach Mike Shanahan talk about the player, man and friend that they knew and that they lost. The team invited Darrent's family in on Wednesday to share their memories and love for him with them. For most of us, Wildcard Weekend would mean the beginning of the most exciting month of football. Wildcard Weekend for the Broncos would mean a flight to Fort Worth, Texas to bury their teammate. January 6-7, 2007- Wildcard Weekend is here. While the Colt's horrible run defense wakes up on Saturday and decides that they'll shut down Larry Johnson, the second leading rusher in the... (more)

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Oh, the shame of it all!

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 30, 2006

...effluvia never touched the table," Kuntzman said, "When the hot dog came up, and some of it came out his nose, Kobayashi sucked it back down. To me, that's the testament of a champion and great athlete." Where is our pride, how can this happen? Hell, a couple of years ago, we sent retired football player "Refrigerator Perry" into the fray. The 400 plus pounder quit after 12 dogs. One could take this as an attack on America, a conspiracy of the grandest scale. But this was not Pearl Harbor, we knew he was coming, yet once again Takeru triumphed. Wayne Norbitz, president and COO Of... (more)

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Brokeback Date

By Dan Maier, published on Nov 27, 2006

... My date, in an effort to empathize (I guess), decided to let me know that she too suffered from an old injury to her back. This fact stirred a little simpatico with me so I asked her how she became injured. Her reply is the impetus for this article. She referred to her injury as her “football injury”. Apparently, she was a cheerleader in college and, using her words to describe her injury, “I f**ked a football player. He f**ked me so hard that he injured my back.” If it weren’t for the pride she exuded while making this statement, I would’ve... (more)

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The Superficial Male: Bionic Biceps Meet Personified Pectorals

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 21, 2006

... strong biceps, pectoral and a pronounced lower body. Does that make me superficial, sophisticated or both? As a youth growing up in Los Angeles, I must say I was behind the curve when it came to procuring a rock solid physique. I was definitely not under or overweight, but I did not make the football team either. Rather I was a 6 feet tall 160 pound peppermint stick never drank, nor smoked, or used any drugs. It was not til I was in college, that I felt the need to assert myself and become more masculine. Lucky for me my school had one of the best weight rooms of any college in... (more)

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Death Of A Dodgers Dynasty

By dodgerjon, published on Oct 11, 2006

...moving the ball club from Brooklyn. The LA City Council orginally earmarked the acreage for a housing tract shortly after World War II. The Dodgers moved to LA in 1958. I digress. Here's the reason why the Dodgers lost Peter O'Malley: Several years had passed with LA having no professional football team to call their own. Published sources say that Mayor Richard Riordan approached Peter O'Malley with a question: Would O'Malley entertain the idea of becoming an NFL franchise owner? Would O'Malley build a football stadium on Dodger Stadium property? Reports say that O'Malley eventually... (more)

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