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Men, Women and Lies

By icanluvulongtime, published on Oct 22, 2007

...I want to be fair about this (promise me five stars) and give you the cheat sheet on "no"answers also. "I have been been thinking about our wedding colors? Do you really like teal and pale yellow?" "Do you need me to hold you?" "Is it fear of commitment?" "Do you want to turn off the football game and have lunch with my parents?" and my all time favorite, "I know we agreed to split the bills but do you mind picking up my half this month?" Ladies, we are pretty simple. We make it obvious what we like and what we don't. You won't usually find us strolling Rodeo drive or the... (more)

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Be Cool : Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 20, 2007

...who is after Chili since Chili is the only witness to Tommy’s murder. Complicating the situation is hip hop/rap mogul Sin LaSalle (Cedric The Entertainer) who is the genius writer/producer behind a rap group called Weapons of Mass Destruction who look more like the defensive line of a football team than rap artists. Tommy owed Sin LaSalle a whole lotta money and since Chili has taken over Tommy’s company he also has taken over his debts and Sin gives Chili one week to make good on the note. It doesn’t help the situation that Tommy’s company is bankrupt and so... (more)

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Friday Night Lights: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 30, 2007

I’m not a football guy at all. My sports are baseball, boxing and tennis. I can understand the complexities of Star Trek technobabble or Pre-Crisis DC Comics continuity with no problem but trying to understand the rules of football makes me feel like the village idiot. Oh, if you invite me over to your house to watch a game with you, I’ll show up gladly with the beer and the buffalo wings but the only thing I understand about football is that one guy gets the ball and runs like his ass is on fire while a bunch of other guys try to stop him. So why did I watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS which... (more)

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Sister Sandy Koufax

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 7, 2007

...example of the simple fact that the team with the most talent doesn’t always prevail. The Orioles tried too hard, pressed too much and gave the Mets a chance to walk through the door. When it was all over, I learned a valuable lesson. There’s no such thing as a sure thing. The football Jets with Broadway Joe would prove that again to me just three short months later, when they embarrassed another sports powerhouse of the period, the Baltimore Colts, in the Super Bowl. I don’t know if it was a full moon, or if Mercury was in retrograde, but those have to be two of the... (more)

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Rosa Brooks Would You please just shut up

By sanity check, published on Aug 4, 2007

...expulsive talking heads that enjoy the sound of their own voice to the exclusion of just about everything else. Ms. Brooks is nothing more than a shining example of just how far the Constitutional protections of free speech extend. No doubt, Ms. Brooks disdains a world where a professional football player can make about six times the salary of say, a law professor. Is it any wonder that a person with nothing to offer but an opinion would demean and minimize the truly heroic efforts of the young men and woman who, leave the comfort and safety of their homes, travel half way around the... (more)

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Bill Walsh, Football Hall of Famer, Dies

By rjlight, published on Jul 30, 2007

...leukemia since 2004, Bill Walsh, former San Francisco 49ers General Manager and Stanford coach, passed away today at 75 years of age. Bill Walsh brought the 49ers to three Super Bowl victories, making the 49ers the “team of the 80's.” Bill Walsh changed the offensive game of football and was even nicknamed the "genius"—a title he never denied. According to John Madden, the nickname was well deserved. Bill Walsh was able to bring the offensive game to a new level -- perfecting the passing game. At a time when coaches would run the ball at and eventually pass, Walsh... (more)

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A Disturbing Week In Professional Sports

By Mark Barkawitz, published on Jul 25, 2007

...personal trainer Greg Anderson isn’t able to accompany his most-accomplished athlete because he is currently in jail for refusing to testify about what Bonds did and didn’t know concerning those supplements. Loyalty has its price. I wonder what Anderson’s is? Football commissioner Roger Goodell, who has already shown himself to be a no-nonsense enforcer of league rules concerning personal behavior by suspending NFL players for their off-field criminal infractions, has advised Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael Vick to stay home from training camp... (more)

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Jim Davenport: Former SF Giants All-Star/Manager

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 23, 2007

...Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda and Willie McCovey, but got to the World Series only once, in 1962, and batted .136 in the Fall Classic while SF lost to the New York Yankees in 7 games. Davenport never really intended to play in the major leagues. He went to Southern Mississippi on a college football scholarship and wanted to be a high school football coach, but ended up playing baseball. Davenport managed one year at the MLB level, in 1985 with the Giants, piloting a team that finished 56-88 and six games out of first place in the NL West. He was also a third base coach for many years,... (more)

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LA's NFL Team: The Houston Texans

By J. Lyon Miller, published on Jun 26, 2007

NFL training camps open next month, and LA football fans are gearing up like every other summer for the past 12 years: By ignoring the Chargers (as they’re an out-of-town team), treating the Rams as a bad, Tommy Chong-style brown acid flashback, complete with images of Chris Everett sacking himself in Anaheim, Wendell Tyler fumbling, and the Youngbloods getting worked by the Steelers, and by either a) Worshipping the Raiders more than Jesus, Michael Moore and Hillary combined, or b) Rolling our eyes at Raider Fan for just not getting it- they’re rooting for a team owned by Al Davis. ‘Nuff... (more)

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Just Don't Blame the Fat Kids

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 15, 2007

...they choose who gets the business. Kids aren’t fat because they eat high sugar cereal. Kids are fat because after they eat that high sugar cereal, they plop their fat asses down in front of a computer or TV and play stupid video games all damn day instead of going outside and playing football on the corner lot. In the winter, they go to school and sit in a damn classroom all day with little or no recess to burn off all of that sugar. Then they come home from school and have to do four hours of homework and have no time to go outside and play before it gets dark. And whose fault... (more)

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