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March's Featured Contributor - Ed Attanasio

By Digidave, published on Apr 2, 2008

...I am a baseball historian and I’ve interviewed approximately 40 retired former major league players. I love hearing their stories. I also have a sports blog called The best story I’ve done on sports for Broo has to be the one about college football called “The BCS is BS.” Digidave linked it up to some sites and it got a ton of hits and a lot of Broosters commented on it. That was my favorite, I guess, because it got so many responses and hits.

You also are a comedian. How does that influence what you write at... (more)

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L.A. Sanctuary Status Makes Mayor Libel For Teen's Murder

By D. E. Carson, published on Mar 30, 2008

Los Angelinos know by now what happened on March 2, 2008 in Arlington Heights. Seventeen-year-old Jamiel Andre Shaw, Jr., was murdered in cold blood by Pedro Espinosa – a known illegal alien and stupid, gutless, punk, coward, thug gang member. Shaw was a promising high school football star who was considering which college he would attend this fall. Instead, he lies in a grave under a cold piece of stone engraved with his name and two dates: his birth date and his death date. He had no record of any bad habits or of associating with the wrong crowd. In fact, when he was murdered, he was on... (more)

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The Broo Deathmatch Sweet Sixteen Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 28, 2008

... say about the size of a man's Broo footprint). Chris’ blog has got a link to the NRA and the only video footage I’ve seen in months that actually makes me like Hillary Clinton less (Chelsea at a college campus, refusing to answer a question). Bill’s blog has a shrine to Navy football, and a poll concerning USNA’s greatest graduate (the fact that I’m winning this poll may say a lot more about who’s reading… or not reading “It’s Always Friday” than it does about me, but it’s still funny). All this butt-kissing aside (thank... (more)

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Broo Deathmatch - First Half First Round Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 22, 2008

...the second round.

Steven Lane vs. Gary Schwind

A surprisingly good matchup for a 7-2. Gary is hardly a shrinking violet or Cinderella story: a solid Broo presence, a blog with more crazy topics than a season of Jerry Springer, and one seriously bitchin’ college football obsession (which I can completely relate with). But this is Steven Lane we’re talking about here. He’s produced more installments of the Howling than I have good friends… and is MySpace friends with Danny Trejo and Rob Zombie – which may be the greatest drinking... (more)

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Cops On Roids? Where The Hell Is Congress?

By Nick Cobb, published on Feb 18, 2008

I am an avid sports fan, and while baseball is a sport I am just forced to deal with in my searches for offseason football tidbits, I have always held a great deal of respect for the game's history and a few of its marquee players.Roger Clemens, as a result of his overzealous attempt at defending his name, was made a fool of by Congress and compulsive liar Ryan McNamee. I don't think human growth hormone or steroids made Roger Clemens the first ballot hall of famer he should be. I felt uncomfortable watching this hero of sorts squirm in his chair for nearly five hours while being cross-examined... (more)

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Why I Hate Hayden Christensen...

By Glenn T, published on Feb 17, 2008

...believe that the most romantic thing that anyone could ever do is to stand outside your girl’s place in trenchcoat with a boombox over your head playing Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes at max volume. I’d follow John up a hill into enemy fire, and let him call touch football plays in the dirt. He’s the kind of believable that I’ve always wanted in my heroes… and I hope he keeps making movies so that I can someday take my son to the theater and not spend the whole ride home talking him out of eyeliner, skin cream and hair dye.

... (more)

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A Tip From Hilary Duff

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Feb 14, 2008

...How about Keyshawn Johnson? Every time he calls for his car and if it's not brought up right away he starts using the black and white thing. Like us valets don't take care of him like we do with the white folks, he says. He's just stupid if you ask me. He made his fortune playing professional football and won a super bowl ring when he played for Tampa Bay. (My home town)

One of the best advice from a celebrity that I ever received was from SNL's Rob Schneider. He came to this restaurant in Manhattan Beach and I just walked up to him and I asked him for his autograph and talked with... (more)

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Friday Night Lies

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 7, 2008

I think this story is hilarious. This kid had everybody believing he was being recruited by top football schools. It was a little lie that got bigger and bigger and finally spiraled out of control.

I have experienced some of these situations with my baseball interviews. I am a member of The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and interview retired major league baseball players as part of my affiliation with this organization. I also post the interviews here on Broo and on my baseball web site,

Many times, guys will tell me that they played... (more)

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Cheaters Never Prosper

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 4, 2008

If football gods exist out there, they’re surely smiling today. The New York Giants, a team no one believed in, beat the New England Patriots yesterday in the Super Bowl by a score of 17-14. A boring game for three quarters, this one will go down in history as one of the best ever.

It will also be remembered as the day when the brash braggarts, the cocky prima donnas, the princes of the NFL, got their come uppance. If revenge is best served cold, yesterday was a chiller. Bill Belichick and his group of elite athletes were outplayed and overmatched. The king is dead. The dream... (more)

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Super Bowl XLII: By A Dude Who Does Not Watch Football.

By Brain, published on Feb 4, 2008

...cliché anyway, just incase.) And it appears that Mike Gravel, a man who proudly waved the freak flag in the face of the rest of his Democratic opponents, and my personal favorite candidate, does not appear to be on the ballot in my home state, let alone planet Earth. But back to football.

I don’t even watch football regularly myself, I had only showed up (as I do every year) for the beer and football team themed foods (Philedelphia Eagles Cheese Steaks, New England Patriots Clam Chowder, Dallas Cowboys Sloppy Joes, even in the food selection the Giants... (more)

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