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A New Twist on Pasta Dinner

By Miranda, published on Oct 27, 2011

Cheesy Rotini & Broccoli From the kitchen of: Miranda Sherman

A quick delicious recipe. Kids love it because of the delicious cheese and fun curly noodles. Parents love it because it tastes great and sneaks in some vitamin packed broccoli!


1 Box of Rotini Pasta 1 Package of Frozen Broccoli 1/4 stick of butter 2 chicken bouillon cubes 6 slices of Kraft American Cheese A Chunk of Velveeta Cheese Milk Water Black Pepper to taste

In large pot bring water to boil. Add 1 bouillon cube and noodles. With medium size pot on medium/low, add 2... (more)

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What's for Dinner?

By Miranda, published on Oct 25, 2011

BBQ Chicken Drummies From the kitchen of Miranda Sherman INGREDIENTS: 18 pack chicken drumsticks (2) one gallon Ziplock Bags black pepper KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce Original Flavor McCormick Grill Mates Barbecue seasoning *Marinade Night Before* The night before place 9 drummies in each bag with 1 Tablespoon black pepper, and 3 Tablespoons McCormick Grill Mates BBQ Seasoning. Squish air out of bag , seal and roll chicken around in bag until thoroughly covered, open bag add 1/2 cup KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, release air, seal and roll around until covered, place both bags in pan into refrigerator... (more)

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A Fare to Remember

By blackbirdwurd, published on Oct 24, 2011

...for things European that I have accumulated… and so I won’t be quite so wobbly.

I have been freeloading my way around Western Europe for five weeks, staying in homes of people who I had met via hospitality exchange websites in order to reserve most of my budget for splurges: namely, food. I come from a sophisticated breed of gluttony, and most of my strongest childhood memories are defined by the meals that augmented them. There were times during my youth where my parents were barely scraping by, yet they brought me along to fine restaurants and encouraged me to order whatever... (more)

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Miracle Berries Shame Sugar

By Alethea, published on Oct 13, 2011

... like grape juice. Willy Wonka would truly be amazed.

Miraculin is the glycoprotein within the fruit that is responsible for the enhanced sweetening. However, the effects are not longstanding and do not apply to everything. Sweetening effects last for about a half-hour to an hour. Sour foods and foods that are already sweet show the most noticeable differences. In my experience (yes, I have tried it for myself), everything fruit and vegetable-wise seemed to be enhanced, but not so much with other foods, like cheese (although the mBerry website suggests you try it anyway).

... (more)

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Thoughts on Food

By akagc, published on Aug 25, 2011


Nutrition plays a natural role in the nourishing and nurturing of the human body; including the evolution of one's growth and fitness goals. Communities around the world strive for healthier and happier lives. Over the years, the simplest way I found to sum it up is like this:

Food is to the body what fuel is for cars. I'm into cars, and as a performance car owner, I'm required to keep up with the maintenance schedules of my cars and fill up the gas tanks with premium grade fuel. Anything less than premium gasoline will damage the engines because they were not designed ... (more)

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The connection between climate change and global food rates

By KaiserD, published on Mar 8, 2011

Extreme weather linked to change in climate has been wreaking havoc on global crops. Global food demand is increasing as supplies are diminished by bad weather. Soaring globe food prices are threatening the stability of governments and more intense weather is in the forecast.

Rise in costs of food throughout the world

Last month, world food rates went to an all time high. In December the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Food Price Index beat the record set during the 2008 food turmoil. World food prices went up in Jan another 3 percent according to the FAO.... (more)

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Turtle on the Rocks

By Ladymaggic, published on Oct 23, 2010

...up and and made my way to the restaurant facilities. When I came back, the waiter had carefully covered my tortoise with a cover, and he now took it off so I could resume my meal. I looked wildly around but no-one could speak English, so what I did was what I have done many other times with food I do not want to eat. I carefully hid it behind the serviette, ignored it, and smiled bravely.

To my horror, the attentive waiter, who was there to serve me, and me only, came back and exposed the tortoise again. I again pushed it to the side, smiling weakly. He seemed to understand.... (more)

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In Times Of National Crisis

By Paul Wylie, published on Sep 13, 2010

...speaking of a new 'compassionate conservatism.' But nothing even resembled compassion in the wake of social program gutting and the more recent refusal by the Republicans to give a boost to the poorest of the poor during the voting for the much ballyhooed stimulus program. Give the poor more food stamps so they can eat? You must be crazy.

Social workers, those who run homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and organizations nationwide all agree on one thing. After Bush took office, the number of hungry people in the U.S. skyrocketed to numbers that rival the days of Herbert Hoover.... (more)

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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Money: My Year Without Cash

By the expat returned, published on Aug 30, 2010

...chronicles the year he spent living cash-free in a trailer outside of Bristol, England. His caravan was donated and is situated – luckily enough – on an organic farm, which are two major bonuses for this type of living, but the rest is hard work. He bikes to find supplies, forages for food (including supermarket dumpster-diving, a dubious practice to champion in my view), uses a compost toilet and bathes in the river.

This last detail caught my attention because it resonated with me. It brought to mind my own involuntary Year Without Money…

In February of 2009, I... (more)

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Mama Mia! Now That's A Spicy Meatball!

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 27, 2010

...of whole Italian sausage for you.)1 small onion, any color, diced very small1 green pepper, diced very small2 eggs2 garlic cloves, sliced thin and diced3/4 cup of Italian style bread crumbs (If you feel ambitious, take 1/2 of a loaf of French bread, toast it, and grind it into crumbs using a food processor or cheese grater)1/4 tsp. thyme1/4 tsp. rosemary1/2 tsp. oregano1/4 tsp. marjoram1/4 tsp. basil1/4 tsp. ground black pepper1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes ( Note: This is optional, and should be included only if you like it a little spicy.)a little worcestershire, as you like, around 2... (more)

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