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A Death Called Dove

By D. Sager, published on Mar 3, 2014

Found then a little dove cowering in the birth of new

A blade came near and scant to miss

only a hairs breath relinquishing bliss

Flying before her time with wind both a friend and foe

Thinking to see, her wings grow tired

Blind fear rushes in ne'er more inspired

A shy grasp at what becomes a mysterious fateful lore Trying but giving away the hidden life

Reduced to nothing and shut in by strife

Again the hungry clock stood its watch o'er gentle dove Only to alight were she would ne'er to fly

Wings fail to carry her to comforting sky

Talented... (more)

Tags: poem, fear, violent, silence, angry, foe, memory, wings, blade, dove, meredith taylor, quills, dmw

Is the USA Foe Number One Really Dead?

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on May 5, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is the enemy number one of America as per the attacks on World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Since this time, Bin Laden has been hunted by America and since then he has been virtually been killed several times. However, we remember that Bin Laden was made in and by America with the aim of dismantling Russia, which they really did. But was Bin Laden at that time a terrorist or an ally and friend ? Just after the end of this mission and for reasons that remain uncovered to the world, Bin Laden is called a terrorist and therefore blacklisted. It is possible to fool people... (more)

Tags: usa, foe, dead.

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