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Beware: Don't plant peppermint in your garden!

By Colleen Foster, published on Apr 27, 2013

Bought a new home recently? Planning on starting a garden? Well, before you begin, please, I implore you, heed my advice: whatever you do, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT buy any peppermit starters at your local garden center. And, God forbid, don't buy the seeds! Trust me on this one! If you didn't live so far, I would invite you over on a Saturday afternoon for a 'work-outside-day' in my garden and show you WHY it's such a bad idea to grow peppermint in your garden.

Let me start at the beginning, ten years ago as a matter of fact.

Once upon a time, I married my soul mate.... (more)

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First Time Buyers Are Awake And Hungry!

By Victoria Attanasio, published on May 13, 2009

It's been a busy time for buyers these days.  The 1st time buyer segment of the market is HOT, HOT, HOT!  Short sales and bank owned properties are selling in days with multiple offers provided they are remotely habitable...and I mean remotely!  What does this mean for buyers?  Well, you can still be aggressive but now a little bit of reality needs to get mixed in because you are competing with investors who are cash heavy. 

For buyers a house is still worth what you are willing to pay as long as it appraises.  Good news is, there are some regulations in place that will prevent frivolous... (more)

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