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First African Woman Nobel Prize Winner Dies at 71

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Sep 30, 2011

Wangari Maathai is the first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize. Wangari was of Kenyan citizenship. She was particularly recognized because of her fearless social activism and crusade for protecting the environment. It was in this vein that she founded the Green Belt Movement. She decided to found this movement in 1977 and planted tens of millions of trees in Kenya. This was a great thing since it was in the context of fighting desertification in Kenya. Now, she passed away this week, last Sunday at the age of 71 after a long struggle with a cancer.

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From the Top of the Hill to the Top of California Baseball

By Jeff Weisinger, published on May 24, 2010 compare them to the 2009 squad that won a school-record 37 games and finished ranked third in the nation, but that wouldn't be fair. Instead, we just all stayed "even-keel" and let everything fall where they may. Besides... this is baseball. Anything is possible.

It was a year of firsts.

From Roberto Padilla's first, and only, double-digit win season as a Renegade, to Michael Ussery's move to first, to Ohlone's first season as defending Coast Conference Pacific Champions. It was even Curtis Boek's first career homer as a Renegade in his first career at-bat.

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