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4 Fire Safety Tips Not To Be Missed

By Jason Kidd, published on Jan 9, 2014

In the event of a fire, you will need to act fast, and having a fire safety plan in place can ensure the safety of you, your family, and your colleagues. Adhering to safety procedures can prevent property damage, serious injury or death, and by following these fire safety tips, you can minimise the risk of fire in your home or workplace.

1. Make sure your smoke alarms are working

Smoke alarms are one of the most important tools in detecting a fire in your home or office, and should be maintained regularly. A smoke alarm should be placed on every level of your property, as well as in... (more)

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Trials And Tribulations Of Grow Your Own

By terrybubble, published on Feb 20, 2012


The Burning

Thinking ahead, (Not far enough) for safety reasons, I would use the incinerator, basically this is just a metal dustbin peppered with holes and a funnel sticking out of the lid, perfect I thought, what can go wrong? I have everything gathered together to get the fire started, matches, fire-lighters, a few twigs, nothing else needed. A nice flame is there so I start to pile some gathered bracken into the bin. Now bracken, when it is dry, tends to burn very fast, so to make life easier, I leave the lid off the top of the bin, which makes the piling in of... (more)

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Endless Sky

By D. Sager, published on Feb 17, 2012

I lit the coals with yearning,

deeper than times sand.

I stoke them daily with nature's trinkets

Mischievously taking you in hand.


Tender violence my guide

Bringing you to passions door

The flames burn hot and long

We consummate the lore


Fighting to feel not wanting to resist

Together in universal rhythm we tread

Heat of friction driving your desire

Caught in throes, an endless sky our bed


Tied with bonds of forbidden

Bringing creation to savor the burst,

I find you my... (more)

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Like Heroin - Addicting Pleasure

By D. Sager, published on Feb 4, 2012

Your fire melts me, held in the spoon of your love Your hands draw pleasure deep, In a gentle push your seduction overcomes me Your touch brings me peace, like heroin in my soul Slight touch, sliding into my conscious will Deep warmth creeping into the void Gentle smiles invade empty rooms Your touch brings me sleep, like heroin in my mind I chase hand blazed trails with my eyes Hoping to breath in your essence Unnatural pleasure this thing you do Your touch is addicting, like heroin in my body

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I Will Never Be Alone As Long As I Am Here

By D. Sager, published on Jan 28, 2012

...that relationship to avoid the terrors of being alone. What compromises have I willingly conceded to? What violations of my self-esteem and personal space have I allowed for unrequited affection? What tortures has my heart been through, even my body feeling the wretch of nerves on fire? Being addicted, not to a substance, but to a world of egocentric affection that I have created by taking the object of my affection and embellishing her to a fantastic degree. I should know better, I do know better. They should slap me awake, the voices of those around me, friends and... (more)

Tags: torture, friends, alone, self esteem, nerves, fire, codependence, body, compromises

Rebirth of Born Again - The death and life of faith

By D. Sager, published on Jan 19, 2012

...christian. Even more precise, Born Again Christian. These were my labels, my cult, my passion. It sounds good, it sounds right, but the reality was not so cut and dry. It wasn't right, because I wasn't. I had to lose my faith, get put through a hell on earth called divorce, burn in the fires of addiction, be put on the cross of heartache and betrayal. I had to lose everything to find the real me. Not the me created by the fan club of a very generic “God”, but the me that is reality. Only as I went through those fires did the impurities of my fake belief come to the surface. I... (more)

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Back To Back - The dissolution of a marriage

By D. Sager, published on Jan 9, 2012

Back to back that's how we started,

fighting the whole world, we never parted.

Then came new life, shafts in the quiver.

We fired them off, our crops never withered.

Along came the wolf, death he swore.

He limped and lied to get through the door.

He consumed you with his intellectual abandon,

my back now unguarded, my heart saddened.

I tried for months to retake the hallowed ground,

but you were too far gone, never to be found.

Lost and spinning, exposing my nakedness,

I struggled grimacing, my life hard pressed

... (more)

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We Are One

By D. Sager, published on Dec 29, 2011


We fall to the floor, wild vines of passion bind us.

Twisting, pushing, feeling, holding, tasting, teasing,

Dancing with rhythm, a steadily increasing tempo, hypnotic, enticing.

I see in your eyes, mischievousness, excitement, an appetite for more of me.

Falling into you, the branches of our intimacy fuel a raging fire,

Our worlds warmed with its white-hot glow.

The lust drives our souls, planets crashing together,

Creating a fusion, elements not on either, now on both,

We are one

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Danger of Fire

By MBJ Pancras, published on Oct 26, 2011

It was the day of fire crackers,

And they said, it’s ‘Diwali’,

And every one would play with fire,

And dangers too they are aware,

But what for the burst crackers,

It lies in the human understanding,

But God hath no meaning in it.

She was sitting on the step of her house,

And her delight was derived in her close watch

That the crackers burst in glitter but die in ashes.

A ‘rocket’ launched in its flight drifted in its way,

It dived straight into the skinny tummy of the little girl.

She trembled... (more)

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