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Dear Coach Scott

By Simpanique, published on Dec 13, 2011

Dear Coach Scott:

Why do I need the support of a community to find the love of my life? I am completely focused on finding my life partner and I don't need anyone else's help.

The only problem I seem to be having is that I do not know where to meet potential partners. So what that means is that I am not having luck in finding prospective partners. Where are they? Do you have any suggestions?

Focused On Finding My Life Partner


Before I answer your questions, I need share something with you. You are in one of the most common traps that singles... (more)

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Plain and simple, what is love?

By BusinessLife, published on Aug 5, 2011

... then some sort of alcohol. I don't like alcohol. It just ruins the taste. And semi-sweet...well it's sweet or it's not. And semi-sweet is not sweet. Okay. I veered from LOVE to chocolate. Hmm, maybe that tells me something.

I have read poetry and amazing articles that talk about love, finding love, experiencing true love and making a lot of love. But I'm not sure that I really get it. And in my mid 40s, shouldn't I be able to get it? What am I missing? Apparently, I'm missing quite a bit.

It would be helpful if love were a color. I could handle seeing periwinkle or magenta... (more)

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