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Crowdfunding for Fiction

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 13, 2014

I have been following this new phenomenon as it relates to fiction writers, and have often wondered where it would lead. On the surface, it looks like a pretty cool thing – a funding source that never existed before, a replacement to the publisher’s advance, this time, paid forward by readers. But then I tried to look at the pros and cons (I’m cautious by nature) and this is what I came up with:


a)Money paid up front to recognize the writer’s effort.

b)A vote of confidence by readers on the success of the book.

c)Advance publicity for the writer and her work

... (more)

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History By Design

By DKIdea, published on Dec 21, 2013

I have always thought that history was a matter of fact. Past events that happened, retold in the present or documented for future reference. Of course, I was aware of the old saying...proven true through investigation, that history is written by the victors. Simply put, if you have two groups at violent odds with each other, and one wipes the other out...the surviving group can write or say anything about the other side, and there would be nobody to say differently. History, as designated by the whims of a particular group. I had never seen this actually happen...until now.

Let me be... (more)

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The one I hates the MOST

By Rahul, published on Dec 13, 2012

Mine was a young and foolish mind then, thought the world and all in it is against me. My father got transferred to Coimbatore; it was his third transfer since I started my school day. I was enrolled in a new school there, my fourth school. New school, lot of new faces and the only thing familiar as usual was the books. There I met him, he became my best friend and now I hate him the most. He came to me, stood beside me, talked to me a lot and it seemed that we both had the same view towards life. I started talking a lot too, about me, about the world around me and how it’s unfair. I trusted... (more)

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Darkness on the Edge of Dystopia

By John Nelson, published on Jun 29, 2012

Dystopian fiction tends to draw upon the dark side of our imagination, be it young adult fiction where children are pitted against each other in a fight to the death or the classic dystopia where big brother controls our every move or thought. The real creative magic of dystopian literature is the links between contemporary society and the imagined dark, dystopian world of the fantasy society.

For me, I didn’t have to delve too far into the dark spaces of my psyche to come up with a plausible dystopian thriller. I merely had to collect news headlines over the past decade and imagine... (more)

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Firewall to a Farewell

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 29, 2012

It should have been an ongoing no go, a seafaring from afar, lasers adrift with one passive eye at the watch, the other barely containing her furions, the most furious of ions.

Her impersonal inferred, infrared photon network continues to shine a light on known knowledge in breathtaking breakthroughs. She grows a leaner, cleaner hunger for far places, the ones that remain as nameless bounty, uncharted beauty.

She is surprised by her laser, to a certain point, as she comes upon an image of memory.

Is it an invention? An old war field? An arrangement of a bout between …what?... (more)

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Review: Opur's Blade by James Ross

By Allbooks Review , published on Nov 28, 2011

Owen Purler Jr.’s mom takes stuttering 12-year-old Owen to Prairie Woods Golf Course one summer to take advantage of free golf lessons. He learns about the sport and so much more.

J Dub Schroeder, the golf pro and manager at Prairie Woods quickly realizes the natural talent Owen has with a golf club. As is appropriate with just about everyone on the golf course, Owen Purler gets a nickname. His first and last name merge and he becomes known as Opur. Learning how good he is at golf helps Opur with self-confidence. As Opur grows up, he learns more about life through J Dub than his estranged... (more)

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Review: The Fossil by David Brookover

By Allbooks Review , published on Nov 28, 2011

Just because we have evolved and developed over millennia, we still must relearn some things that have been lost to time. Early man may have been wiser than we are willing to believe. This story began with the discovery of a skeleton in a cave near a desolate stretch of the shore of Loch Lomond in Scotland. Nothing about this discovery is like any other known to present day man. Three Americans are drawn into the investigation when British Intelligence discovers it has a mole and gruesome murders start to occur. The three Americans are an FBI agent, a Florida sheriff and an eccentric psychic... (more)

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Whiting Writers' Awards of $50,000 to Ten Writers

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 26, 2011

...keynote address was given by poet Mark Doty. Ten emerging writers including a novelist in New York City and a poet in Casa Grande, Ariz., are among this year's winners of the Whiting Writers' Awards.

The 2011 Whiting Writer's Award winners for 2011 are:

- Scott Blackwood is a fiction writer based out of Chicago. His novel “We Agreed to Meet Just Here” (New Issues Press).

- Ryan Call an author based out of Houston won for the fictional story collection “The Weather Stations” (Caketrain).

- Don Mee Choi won in the poetry group. Don Mee Choi is a poet ... (more)

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Beloved Destiny by Carol Ann Fears / Review

By Allbooks Review , published on Oct 17, 2011

...a book, I like to read the synopsis on the book jacket or on the internet in the case of an e-book. I like to get a feel for the story before I dive in. In the case of Beloved Destiny by Carol Ann Fears, I was excited because it seemed like it was going to be right up my alley – historical fiction with a little romance thrown in. The story revolves around 17 year old Carina Blanchett and her family who live on a plantation near Natchez, Mississippi in the early 19th century. Carina was born to a privileged life, and her family expects her to marry someone of her own station even... (more)

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Carole Sutton is the Author of Award Winning Crime Fiction

By Wrp68, published on Sep 5, 2011

...visiting many ports on the French coast on our holidays. We moved to the warmer climes of Perth in Western Australia in 1981, and took up a small retail business.

Ten years later, on retirement, I had time to indulge in my personal pursuit, writing. My real passion became crime fiction. My first novel ‘Ferryman’ was short-listed for the Dundee International Book Prize 2007. Published by it is enjoying excellent reviews. My second crime fiction novel, ‘And the Devil Laughed,’ published by New Generation publishing was short listed for the Genre Fiction... (more)

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