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1st Hbrfest's Poster Competition

By HBRFEST, published on Mar 17, 2014

1st Annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival's 2014 Film Poster Competition

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is excited to announce it’s ever Film Poster Competition!

HBRFEST is honor to invite you to be part of this amazing contest! HBRFEST producers are looking for people to submit ideas for the 6th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival. The HBRFEST producers will choose one winner and the winning poster will be displayed at the festival website, in all marketing materials and also sold at the screenings. In addition, audience members and online voters will have a chance... (more)

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Hala February Festival in Kuwait

By djbkk, published on Jan 3, 2014

...(USD 15 million) on a fireworks display that made the Guinness Book of World Records.

With this still firmly in mind, people have high expectations when they visit Kuwait in late February (February 25 and 26) for National Day and Liberation Day, respectively.

Hala February Festival is an annual festival that takes place, naturally, in the month of February in Kuwait. The festival is put on by and in the capital of Kuwait City. Events duly hinge on the two all-important and symbolic commemorative events at the conclusion of the month.

And February is a good month... (more)

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Come and discover Brazilian cinema!

By HBRFEST, published on Jul 15, 2013

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival (HBRFEST) has announced its 2013 film lineup today. The program showcases the best and most recent selection of Brazilian films, many of which have screened in world prestigious film festivals like Berlin, Rotterdam and Locarno, a special retrospective screening, industry seminars, networking parties and a competition awards ceremony. A diverse mix of 23 feature films and shorts will be screened at this year’s festival, among them 1 international premiere, 1 U.S. Premiere, 1 West Coast Premiere. See for a list and schedule of films and... (more)

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Let Your Home Pay Homage to American Festivals

By stevebrown75, published on Sep 14, 2012

America is proud to have several distinct festivals. These festivals reflect the unique colors of free America. These festivals should be kept alive and should be celebrated with the same fervor by the coming generations.

Martin Luther King’s Day

Martin Luther King’s day celebrates the great achievements of Martin Luther. You can remember this great man by having images of this leader on your wall.You can even go for pictures which have sayings. These can also act as motivational home décor.

Valentine’s Day

If it were not to pay a tribute to St. Valentine too, it... (more)

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Andy Hill & Renee Safier's 20th Annual Bob Dylan Fest, May 8

By T. Conboy, published on Apr 28, 2010

Twenty years ago Andy Hill decided to put together a party honoring Bob Dylan's, then, 50th birthday (May 24), at the Hermosa Saloon, in Southern California's South Bay area. He had read in the liner notes of Dylan’s Biograph retrospective set of a party in New York where guests were invited to dress up as characters from Dylan’s songs. "We rehearsed 78 songs, but got through only 44 in the four hours we had to play. The rehearsal tapes still exist. It was well attended, and the costumes were hilarious," states Andy.

Since the fest’s inception it has been held at various venues in the... (more)

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