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Male Disposability And Marginalization

By Credo, published on Nov 17, 2013

Marginalization means that one group of people are denied things that others are allowed, treated as insignificant.

When we talk about male verses female privilege, and the examination of those various denials, this should lead us in the direction of understanding just who in our society is being marginalized and disposed of like old inoperable appliances, and who really has privilege in society.


Like not getting taken seriously when crying rape?

Like not being protected by the law when they become victims of violence by another... (more)

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Heroine Kicks the Bucket at 98 in London

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Aug 8, 2011

The world has known different people who marked history. Some of them are known to us and many more others remain unknown. Among those people range men as well as women. The courage of a heroine remains exceptional in some way. Women are still neglected throughout the world but history has proven that they are as intelligent, wise and helpful as men.

Nancy Wake (NW) is one of such women who marked history, not of the world but that of her country. During the World War II, heroine NW was a simple individual in France but her courage and devotion made her become famous; she was called... (more)

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