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What a Loan Officer Would Say to the U.S. Government

By michael lombardi, published on Apr 1, 2014

...of a country’s national debt, or its relationship to GDP, really doesn’t matter anymore.

I am skeptical. What happens when one day the Japanese and China, which have already cut back on buying U.S. Treasuries, say “We want our money back”? Oh, that’s right. That won’t be a big deal because the Federal Reserve will just get the printing presses going again and buy all the new U.S. bonds coming on the market with newly printed money. Yeah, that will work.

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How to Profit from ECB’s Attempts to End Economic Slowdown

By JuliaTyler, published on Apr 1, 2014

...other, businesses, or even consumers. The U.S. economy was in a deep economic slowdown. Investment banks like the Lehman Brothers had already collapsed and more would follow. Something had to be done or else it would be a disaster situation.

When all of this was happening, the Federal Reserve stepped in to save the U.S. economy. It started to use a monetary policy tool called quantitative easing. The idea was simple: print money out of thin air and then buy back bad debt from the banks. As a result of this, the banks would have liquidity, which would eventually create more... (more)

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To VAT or Not to VAT: That is the Question

By Amo, published on Apr 17, 2010

...dilemma. However, if we take those timeless words with their profound meaning within the context of the current financial drama that is now being played out in Washington, then we'll perhaps have a better understanding of our own modern day tragedy that is now unfolding..

Former Federal Reserve chairman and Obama adviser Paul Volcker, suggested that the United States should consider imposing a "value-added tax" (VAT) similar to those charged in Europe to help get the deficit under control. The "value-added tax" is simply another slow and calculated march towards what can best be... (more)

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