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Goverment Researchers To Be Placed in U.S. Newsrooms.

By Shaun Gibson, published on Feb 22, 2014

If proof was EVER needed the USA is turning into a police state, well this is it, it CAN’T be denied. Forget left, right,blue, red, this is WRONG. First Amendment: The FCC has cooked up a plan to place “researchers” in U.S. newsrooms, supposedly to learn all about how editorial decisions are made. Any questions as to why the U.S. is falling in the free press rankings?

As if illegal seizures of Associated Press phone records and the shadowy tailing of the mother of a Fox News reporter weren’t menacing enough, the Obama administration is going out of its way to institute a new intrusive... (more)

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To Phone or not to phone: Absolutely no question about it!

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Sep 28, 2011

...Commission that dictates the ban of cellular device usage on-board an aircraft, not the FAA. After referring the matter to my own airline, I was advised that the customer was right and to move on. In my research, however, I discovered that this is only HALF TRUE! I will address the FCC matter in a moment.

I suppose that the mystery of all of this is really centered around some of the broader language that is found in Title 14 of the Transportation Code of the United States, better known as the Federal Air Regulations or FARs. I will try to sort these out for you in... (more)

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