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Monterey Police Harassment of a Homeless Woman!

By Stan Lee, published on Jun 30, 2013

Monterey Police Officer John Olney pulled over a Homeless senior woman on September 19th, 2012 for "impeding traffic" in the middle of the night, when there was "no traffic". Claiming that she was in violation of "Vehicle Code 22400", while driving on Garden Road for going "too slow".

The code that she was cited for was for driving "too slow" on the Highway, not on a City Street, something that Officer John Olney should have known.

The Officer was even "caught lying" on the Police Videotape, stating that she was driving 18mph and as low as 6mph, when the Police Radar documented... (more)

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Fornicate, Bitching and Indiscretion

By Anastasia , published on Feb 24, 2013

“I want to believe”, so says the poster on the office wall of Fox Mulder, the FBI's most eccentric - and gullible – agent. Underneath the words is a flying saucer. “I want to disbelieve”, would be better, under which should be a picture of a naked G-Person. My, my, how shocking it would all be to poor old J. Edgar: his very own Agency has turned into a bare assed joke!

The naked truth, you see, is coming out at last. An Agency that long believed itself above the law has been obliged to face some uncomfortable truths about itself and its more unsavoury practices. Sexual indiscretions... (more)

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Has His Lordship Taken Half a Billion to Grant Bail?

By dchaitanya, published on Jun 3, 2012

Corruption in Judiciary in the Mobocracies is not a every day topic even today in the public life or in the media, as in the case of executive and political corruption, as the persons who adjudicate the disputed matters in the Judiciary are elevated as His Lordships, My Lordships or Your Lordships by our addressings to keep the sanctity and elevated position of Judiciary high in the vision of common man. As social system made them Lords on par with Gods, so at least a good majority of Judges are thinking that they are Lords or Gods to decide the fate of the people who stand before them in the... (more)

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By dchaitanya, published on May 10, 2012

...the cases State’s top Security personnel would be appointed on political, caste or nepotism grounds and there would be every possibility of leakage of efforts of NCTC from time to time to local politicians, whose credibility has always been controversial. In America NCTC has the involvement of FBI, Defense Officials from Pentagon and CIA, which are centrilised components and works under the guidence of President of U.S., as in past and present the American Presidents have always been having the talent of effectively monitioring and weilding control over the international politics and... (more)

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Behind Every Man's Corruption there will be a Woman?

By dchaitanya, published on Apr 29, 2012

A couple of lines in Broowaha writer Randy Mitchell’s “Image is not everything” article went on like this: “My husband has never made enough money for me to be happy, I wish he’d change jobs or do something else”… the words were spoken in a disappointing almost in angry tone…. perhaps his lack of money and earning power had caused her to become bitter and resentful. Further the words “I wonder how long my marriage would last if I were to loose my job?” impressed me equally. That means he is suspecting that if he is to lose his job his wife will leave him. So the relationships have become that... (more)

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Penny Childs is the author of There's Always Tomorrow

By Wrp68, published on Apr 15, 2012

...and Mel puts herself up for bait to try and lure the killer in. But she gets closer to him than anyone could have foreseen…

Farewell to Goodbye

A killer is on the loose and Sheriff Melanie Rhodes must stop him. Unfortunately, that means she will have to work with Trevor Giles, an FBI agent and past lover.

Far From Over

Detective Nick Cauldwell is gunned down in the street. At first it seems like a random act of violence. Until he starts behaving strangely. He begins to act like a man from his wife's past. A man who is supposed to be dead.

When You're... (more)

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J Man

By Anastasia , published on Feb 3, 2012

...the fault of his mother, a commanding performance by Judi Dench, who tells him that she’d rather have a dead son than a daffodil for a son. A life of frustrated sexual tension lies ahead, touched on in Hoover’s relationship with Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer), his long-standing deputy at the FBI.

My criticism here is that Hoover’s sexual preferences, whatever they were, are not that material to the story of his life and times. His principle relationship was not with Tolson or with Helen Gandy (Naomi Watts), his life-long secretary and confidant, but with the FBI, the... (more)

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Crazy Don't Work in the Air -- Part 2!

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Sep 23, 2011

...into his bag several times, and removed something as it was cupped in his hands, the flight attendants were notified and the SLC Police moved in, removed him from the flight, and after a search of the contents of his bag, discovered a 3 1/2 inch folding knife. He then proceeded to threaten the FBI agent who had joined the investigation![1]

Last week, on a flight from Majorca to Newcastle, UK, a 26-year old passenger suddenly felt the urge to attempt at opening one of the emergency exits at 36,000 feet, causing the emergency lights to come on, flight attendants to begin shouting... (more)

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COINTELPRO:Today’s “terrorists” are yesterday’s “communists

By BookLoveHer, published on Oct 14, 2010

When you hear the word “terrorist,” what images pop up in your mind? Perhaps some of the same diabolical images that popped into the minds of Americans in the 60s and 70s who heard the word “communist”. The FBI raided eight homes and offices of so-called antiwar activists in Chicago and Minneapolis on September 25, 2010. The FBI’s search warrants indicate agents were looking for connections between local antiwar activists and groups in Colombia and the Middle East.

The FBI puts the same "terrorist" label on opponents of US intervention in El Salvador, but refuse to investigate the possibility... (more)

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