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The Broo Deathmatch Sweet Sixteen Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 28, 2008

...The De Facto Grand Champion (Nhemerson) moves on from The Throne to the Great Eight… and in the immortal words of Keith Jackson: “the legend continues…”

El G vs Glenn T

It’s seldom that anyone gets to fashion their own demise, so I suppose that I ought to be grateful for the opportunity. In my better moments I fancy myself a bit like El G, but at a much lower volume... I’m quite sure, however, that El G does not imagine himself to be a louder version of me. El G is cool enough to deliver... (more)

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Broo Deathmatch - First Half First Round Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 22, 2008

...stepping up as the new Chief Editor – has had just about the biggest impact as anyone since taking the new assignment. I’m certain it’s a bit like herding cats – trying to keep a handle on all of us. But, thanks to his latest comment on Ava Marie’s new fashion article, it looks like El G has Dave and I beat in one very important category, bedding models. El G – off to the second round… and hopefully bringing his model “friends” with him.

I wisdom vs Glenn T

I know what you’re thinking: how can I ... (more)

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Obama Sidesteps Condemnation Of Church Pastor

By D. E. Carson, published on Mar 18, 2008

I watched a replay of Senator Obama’s response to recent publication of comments made by Jeremiah Wright from the pulpit of the Trinity United Church of Christ. In true slick fashion, Obama made the whole issue into a debate about racism in America and failed to acknowledge (or more appropriately ignored) the real issue at hand. The question still remains: “Does Obama really believe and hold in his heart those things which Wright said?”

Among his comments today, Obama did acknowledge that Mr. Wright said some things from the pulpit that are controversial... (more)

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Burrito Purist Charles Hodgkins Bites Into Calif. Survey

By vlad, published on Mar 10, 2008

...according to his technical scoring system a burrito can receive a score of one mustache or 10 for its construction, taste, mix of ingredients and more. “You don’t want to bite of all guacamole,” Charles chortles lightly. He sprinkles humor over our conversation in similar fashion as he writes his food blogs.

“Burritos look like little footballs, so I don’t write with a lot of pretense. I think that is why my website;, had a strong popularity. I don’t pretend to be a respected food blogger, but I do take research... (more)

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He's Not Brett Favre

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Mar 10, 2008

...a solid effort, replacing an injured Brett Favre in the second half at Dallas in late-November as he completed 18 of his 26 passes for 201 yards and threw one touchdown. He also rushed five times for 30 yards in that game.

Rodger's looks to succeed Favre in 2008 in a similar fashion to how Steve Young succeeded Joe Montana for the San Francisco 49ers. Being from the San Francisco Bay Area and watching Young takeover after Montana, Rodgers looks to follow in similar footsteps in taking over after Favre.

The one current comparison between Favre and Rodgers is... (more)

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Paris & Her Pooches: It's A Doggone Sham

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 6, 2008

... tires of it, she will return it like a Gucci handbag. Then, the other day, authorities from the ASPCA found one of her dogs hungry and neglected in a closet.

A few years ago, readers of two dog magazines selected Hilton as the worst pet owner in show business, for treating animals like fashion accessories. Paris is always toting her frightened, little Chihuahua named Tinkerbell to parties and movie premieres. Every time I see the dog in photos, the poor thing looks terrified, and I can’t blame it. Chihuahuas are high strung and extremely nervous creatures as it is, so... (more)

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If We Get Bored, We'll Move To California...

By thermos62000, published on Feb 20, 2008

...a public establishment is safe. Then you hear about the gang-related shooting that took place the week prior.

If it’s 54 degrees, weather-appropriate attire in Los Angeles might include any of the following: flip-flops, a hoodie or an Eskimo-esque winter coat. Uggs: fashion’s great question mark. An orange face does not equal a tan face. El Pollo Loco means “the crazy chicken.” In addition to g-strings, fishnets, dildos, vibrators, lubes, XXX films and “Officer Naughty” ensembles, the Hustler store on Sunset also sells... (more)

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Los Angeles - The Terrible And Tasteful

By Kim, published on Feb 8, 2008

...Blue Bus, Culver City Bus Line, The DASH, and trains are on a different wave all together. These lines which have no with the affiliation widely used "M.T.A. and those in charge of the operation of these buses for the most part seem to have mastered the art arriving proficently in a timely fashion.

Why do I feel qualified to speak on this topic that is a thorn in many riders side? I have taken public transportation in Los Angeles for over 15 years only to see little if any improvement after numerous strikes and promises.

Much of the problem appears often isolated... (more)

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Despite Striking Scribes, Inventive Producer Finds Other Way

By Geoffrey A. Citron, published on Jan 28, 2008

...LOST has to deal with airing only a quarter of a season to a group of fans that are already fed up with choppy scheduling in the past (even without a strike).

No one really has too much of a clue -- in a town where clues are hard to come by. It’s that good ol’ fashion KC Shuffle – half the town is looking one way, while the other is going another direction entirely…

While confusion spreads in one part of town, some hopeful “up-and-comings” are excited about the current situation in the business. Young non-union... (more)

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A Hairy Hollywood Situation

By KLiedle, published on Jan 11, 2008

This whole writer’s strike business is getting hairy…really, really hairy. Now that Warner Brothers is rumored to be cutting up to 1,000 jobs and the Golden Globes have been reduced to a press conference, I don’t know what to think.Will the Oscars be next? What’s a fashion designer to do? Some days I wonder if it will ever end. For awhile (back in November,) I was thankful for my freedom, sans WGA membership. As an unaffiliated writer, I could write to my little heart’s content while supporting the WGA union writers and their cause.“Hey, I’ve got no guild to tie me down,To make me fret and... (more)

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